Can a place be said to hold emotion
Even to the point of long held passion
Able to hold the energy, of love or fear?
It is said, the walls of houses and temples
Hold the good or bad vibrations
Of those who walked within before.
Is that because they refuse to see
What really holds the force in place?
When you visit a place of power
And it hits you in the chest or face
Would you be able to deny its reality?
If so, what is it that you really feel?
When ancient stones call to you
Columns, arches and pillars beckon
You walk the colonnades anticipating.
But the stone does not speak aloud
Does not know you are participating,
The statue does not articulate
Or signal with stone dead hands.
You approach in numbers two or more
Each expecting, longing and believing
Consciousness amplifies exchange –
So they have said.
But I say walk alone and witness,
Be the sole sentient and absorb.
What do you feel without influence,
Without reflection or interference?
What vision comes to the uncluttered mind
What words wander in through the cortex,
Which of your symbols shows the truth
Who shows themselves to bring you, you?
Who were you then, that you now remember?
When you feel the herbs, the sand, the stone
Beneath your feet does it jog the memory?
Let feelings show in your play of passion.
Were you there then? Who are you now?
© David Tenneson 2012


About David

Devonian writer
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  1. Those stones of old David call us like no other at times as the energies within the memory is forever calling us home.. We feel those megalithic monuments as our vibration is affected to those of us who are sensitive.. Thank you for such a wonderful Poem … I especially enjoyed the Line ‘But the stone does not speak aloud…. ‘ No words are ever heard, but we shall forever feel them within our hearts….
    Blessings to you and I hope you are enjoying the brightest of New years


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Yes, indeed, David .. places hold the remembrance of what happened within them… and those of us who are sensitive enough to feel it, will discover what is kept not as a secret but for all to grab.

    Often one hears someone say : “if these walls could talk !!” Well ,yes these walls can talk but only to those who have ears to listen to their stories.

    Thank you for bringing this often willingly ignored “subject” to everybody’s attention.
    I am convinced many of your readers will try to discover whether their 5 senses are fine tuned to participate in this “mystery”, available to most of us.

    With love and light to you and all those who will read this post.



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