We have spoken before of the intention being the overriding principle that governs the use of the universal energy that is available to us all and whether used for good or bad depends entirely on your intention.

Are you aware of your intention in the broadest sense?
I am not talking here of your conscious intention on a day to day basis but of the definition of the basic intent, if you like, written into the reason for being.

That is, being in your present form, on this planet, at this time. Where do you think you stand in the greater scheme of things? Did you ever consider what your overriding principle could possibly be? You may look at your life and regret your circumstance: the life of poverty, of unmanageable riches that have never brought you happiness or the body that has proven more of a burden than a bonus. Did you ever consider that you were cursed according to your tribal belief?

If any of the above or similar stigmas apply it is certainly time to think again.
It is time to put all that behind you and expunge it from conscious thought and time to look to what you want. Whatever has ailed you in the past is up for change and it is time for you to define what is wanted and where you want to go in your life. There has never been a time like this! The Ascension of Man.

Just think for a moment of the universal energy that we have touched on many times before. This is the same energy that has created stars and worlds like this one, this energy is free and available for you to use to create your own world within this world.

Don’t waste time thinking about it for too long, now is the time for action, now is the time for you to define who and where and what you want and to go for it, by directing your thoughts along with this greatest gift to create everything you could possibly want right now.

It might take time to manifest according to the power, direction, intention and definition of your thoughts and beliefs, but imagine you are a farmer of old walking the ploughed field of your consciousness with a basket of universal energy under your arm. Each time you grab a handful of the energy and cast it in an arc onto the pristine ground ploughed with new potential you are sowing the seeds of your future.

You can do this at any time. If you need the gentle peace of your morning HPT so be it, but equally walking in the park or sitting on the train to work are similar opportunities. Imagine that you see the seeds begin to sprout into the objects of your attention, send them more energy and in your daily process keep sending the same universal energy to everything that you want.

The universe, the world and your life are not static, completed and finished scenarios, you and the universe and all that it holds are in the wonderful process of becoming. Nothing is perfect or finished and nothing is ever completed least of all you!

Like the seeds you have sown in your field of potential everything but everything continues to grow and flow and it will continue to grow well so long as you feed it with the nutrition of conscious energetic belief and blessing. For this, you need to generate the love and belief in yourself and all else will flow and follow.
Much love and many blessings, Hanukah


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