As a race we love to have, or should I say have to have names, hierarchies and compartments. Everything and everyone has to have a name and be placed in a box. How else could we manage ourselves or each other? There have to be levels, ranks and orders in order to know who are the highest, the most valued and the most honoured amongst us and we give physical accolades, honours, medals and knighthoods, not to say peerages and dukedoms to those considered worthy or born into privilege. And the rest of us know our place!

We tend also to apply these anthropomorphic privileges to those in the higher realms who need no names, have no ranks except for those we give them, have only one thing to give us and expect no reward. A wonderful example to follow!

There are ordinations and elevations from priest to bishop and above in religion, soldier, captain and general in armies, salvation and military. How else could control be exercised and discipline maintained? But with these elevations comes responsibility, except for the mighty few, easily it seems discarded for solely the remuneration and power that comes with it.

It is the latter that so easily leads to the fashion of favours, known by less favourable terms and less savoury synonyms such as graft or perhaps more charitably as corruption! Whenever the opportunity arises, or should I say descends to take a reward for a favour given, the temptation is too great for most to refuse. That does not exclude those who demand reward or else!

The higher we are elevated by our peers it seems the temptation reaches its highest heights, such that the age old adage of, ‘all power corrupts and total power corrupts totally’, is proved true time after time, and I really mean Time after time.

There is no doubt that the way of reward is rife throughout all societies over the world, but we are entering a new phase for humanity where I feel that the commandments of old will be set aside for a new set of realisations that can only come into being through the expansion of consciousness.

This does not mean that consciousness itself will expand for it already contains all that is necessary for fulfilment of the human purpose that can be experienced in our present form. What it means is that we as individuals, to begin with first, and then with a growing acceptance for the race as a whole will bring the realisation of inherent conscience into anything and everything we think or say or do.

It means an acceptance of new avenues of information coming directly to the mind bringing a beautifully forceful bounty of thought that will leave no option than to accept the reversal of a taking to a giving nature. It means a broadening of the brain and its capacity to cope with and accept these new avenues. This in no way takes away free will because it can be refused, but at what cost?

This proposal may seem daunting and one wonders how the race as a whole will be able to wrench itself out of the way of reward into the way of giving. It will quite naturally involve the acceptance of respect as a paramount aspect of relationship at every level, president to pauper, employer to employee, brother to brother and of course particularly from man to woman and woman to man.

Help is at hand to facilitate the gradual change required to bring the realisation into manifestation from those same higher beings whose dedication is to help us all they can, according to our individual wishes and requests for the highest good of all, at our own pace.

In addition children born recently have already an inherent wisdom of realisation, not to say they do not need to understand man made laws but will become the leaders of the new beginning that we are wandering into now.

I say wandering because I see others in an almost catatonic or drugged state, which I have glimpsed briefly myself, trying to come to terms with the immense changes that are already taking effect on those most sensitive and wondering in their wandering, ‘what comes next?’.

This is an entirely new experience since relationships will change: with ourselves, with each other but more especially with the Earth and the Universe.

Are you ready to open yourself to the Universe and all that that entails?
It’s going to be a shock for some as they have to recognise truth in what has been believed before to be myth and legend. As the mind expands into the vast expanse of just one of the seven major Chakras it will open up the first of the channels of communication that will be like stepping out into the hugeness of space and tuning in to every communication satellite at once and having to attune to the signal, of the message required.

Some of us already know this feeling, this experience and will need to guide others through the process of realisation. You know who you are and as the reality of Ascension begins to take hold you will be called upon more and more to play your part in the unfolding of the rest. Unfolding is not a bad tern to use but it will be more like an multi-layer unwrapping, it seems for some, as they feel the layers of dogma and deception beginning to peel away and leaving a new awareness within realisation replace the clouded minds of before. It will certainly feel a bit naked and a bit raw to begin with but this will pass as we all become used to the new energies.

The greatest aid to this fundamental acceptance for the future is something which many of you have already engaged with in your daily HPT (Highly Precious Time) Meditations.
(See HPT)

Whatever happens, if in doubt as our friend William advised, the best thing to do is to be still! And of course this will give you more time for your HPT as well. The Biblical saying of:
“Be still and know that I am God” is the very best advice. Therefore be still until everything calms down and you are happy to move on and into your future.
Much Love to all, Hanukah


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