Westlees is no more.
Our family home renamed,
Extended into its semi-twin
And called a different name,
But to us will always remain hame,
As our Scots cousins would proclaim.
Such Christmases we all enjoyed,
Such feasts and parties all employed
Plans and recipes, lights and decorations
Fancy dress, crackers, masks and funny hats
All creating the themes of celebrations.
Cakes like saxophones, dancers and pianos
Friends came and played their guitars and banjos.
This was the happy side – then there was the calm
The everyday of work and school, of loving balm.
But for us to understand these upsides
There had to be the pain of downsides.
How would we know light if there was no dark?
But then an afternoon walk in the park,
Tried to ease the pain of loss and leaving
Family members passed that gave only grieving.
Even though there came a time of rift and peeving.
But above it all we felt, there was a familiar feeling
That this would always have a place in our hearts
Which we would remember as our home apart, and …
Strange as it may seem, a place of healing.
© David Tenneson 2012


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to WESTLEES

  1. David,
    What a wonderful poem you weaved in its poignant and yet new beginnings Home is still where the heart is….
    I just wanted to thank you David for your continued support at Dreamwalkers http://wp.me/16xW7 and wish you a Wonderful New Year for 2013… I hope it brings you closer to where your heart is held… And Bright New Days for a wonderful New Era…..
    Sue xox


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