There was a time in the evolution of mankind when it was important if not essential for man to recognise, accept and inculcate the aspect of dominance into the consciousness. This enabled the acceptance of the head of the family, the chief of the tribe and also to understand for security the dominance of other tribes in the area, leading to nationhood.

When the concept of a higher being came to be part of the human mind it was only natural that this had to be a dominant authority or god. It was therefore accepted by the lesser members of any society that they should be subservient to the despot, king or head man on earth and an unseen but all powerful god located elsewhere as represented by their powerful, physical priest.

This same belief has lasted for centuries with each generation passing on its feelings, ideas and rituals to the next. However as each generation has become more independent, educated and daring, as experienced in our own time within the Arab Spring, the revolt of not only the young but also the young at heart across the generations and classes has meant the tide is turning.

There is also a change appearing in the context of the acceptance of God in the form given by the priests of old. With the uncovering and translating of religious writings other than the Torah and those accepted into the Bible, questions are being asked about the truth of dogma that has dogged the faithful for millennia.

Whether it is believed that Jesus (Jeshua) was a man or God or not, it is being questioned whether in fact a questionable intermediary in the form of a not so honest priest, as is frequently the case, is required or whether a more personal and direct relationship with a far from dominant, certainly not to be feared but loving God is possible if not entirely desirable.

There is another move taking place that has been engineered, in other than anthropomorphic terms, by mankind unseen and unheard but now beginning to be felt by even those with the thickest of skins and certainly, this time round, being recognised by our scientific community through the activity of our Star the Sun. This is only the local energetic result of a far greater Universal change that has been growing for millennia and is now showing itself on many levels.

This is a natural phenomena and it is these energies currently bathing the Earth that are partly responsible for the changing individual attitudes and consciousnesses of mankind. It is inevitable then that these energies continue and have their effect on us, but as usual being human we frequently if not always, sadly, can only allow change to take place through violence. We can look forward then to a continuation of the conflicts associated with Arab Spring that perhaps should be renamed into the Arab Ascension, hoping that this reclassification may bring with it the natural aspiration through peaceful pursuits throughout 2013 and beyond!
Sending peace to all, Hanukah


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  1. William Lambert says:

    Many thanks Hanukah, very well thought through and expressed. I feel that the future will still be challenging and that the re-birth is only just beginning. However, Sai Baba has said that the New Golden Age will now come into being. His reincarnation should be within 6 years from now. L&L, William


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