Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 12

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #13
The Red Base Centre of Relationships & Contracts.
The feeling of abandonment surfaced in previous Projects and as so often happens quite unwarranted but it was war time. Say no more! The result was an unconscious remedy that has turned out to be a curse that rears its painful head every time something un-wanted or un-liked comes up. Something to work on and overcome, which is taking its time – return to roots is my remedy! Other Past Contracts though are solved apart from those that are for the future, which I look forward to in cap and gown reading from the book of kinship and kindliness. Teaching how to break down walls, open doors and with silver throughout, being the sounding board and the mirror of consciousness where, in all its colourful detail the full spectrum is revealed. The staff, bless them, are as bright as angels, full of wisdom and on hand night and day. Blessed be to all who learn and all who teach. David in Spain.


About David

Devonian writer
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