The last time I saw my home
Was all of twenty seven years ago
I wonder how it has changed?
From my sojourn in the East for three
To the Southeast for fourteen years
I had vowed never to return!
Such were the shadowed memories
That clouded the troubled mind,
This troubled spirit then took ship
And sailed away to a foreign land,
Thinking this was it, where I would die
And never set foot in dear old England,
Never mind see my dear old Devon again!
But I had left behind such treasures
That could not be found elsewhere,
Treasures that yearned and called.
Such was their power that I now yearn,
I yearn with all my heart to return
To that dear place, that special space
That I mistook to be so spoilt,
That I preferred to remember as it was
When I was that Devonshire lad
Scrumping apples from the farmer’s field.
Never imagining that memory would yield
Such a force that now forces me to face
The fact that I needs must return to place
Myself in the service of others
In the land where only mother’s
Bones lie as a reminder, a hidden token
Of a previous life from which I am awoken.
I see Devon now with a different view
As if it is a land reborn – anew.
Knowing of course that it is me
That has been born again. Can’t wait to see
My dear old Devon again, my new home!
© David Tenneson 2012


About David

Devonian writer
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  1. I hope that you see your New Devon Homeland again real soon too David… Blessings to you and this was a wonderful Poem..


  2. eugene1941 says:

    Happy New Year .. dear David… for it will be not only a New Year but a all New Life Cycle for you… I know it.. I will try to support you in this your achievement in all ways I will be able to.
    May Devon and its Lads and Lassies welcome you, the long estranged son, and may all hearts rejoice at the togetherness reached once more.
    2013 will indeed be the threshold of so many more years of good work performed in Love and Light.
    As Cat so rightly said… consider yourself lucky to have a homeland where you can return to.

    With love.


  3. cat says:

    I am so very moved by these lines, David … Dare I say: I know what you mean? … Consider yourself lucky to know about a homeland … Love, c.


    • davidtenn says:

      With both Jewish and Christian roots and accused of pantheism nevertheless we feel nomadic now as we traverse the globe, much as you must have felt dear Cat. I do soncerely hope that we will all have found our home wherever that turns out to be and where we can all live our lives to the full. Greetings and blessings of peace and goodwill. Love David


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