Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 8

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #13
The Middle Heart Rose Pink.
As the last of our roses fade for this year it is the end of a cycle and tomorrow we are told is the end of another as our ancestors saw it.
The Chalice is an important symbol to me but merely a symbol and transient like so much of life. But even in its transience it is the way we interpret the symbol, bring it into our consciousness that is important not to others but to ourselves. This is why dreams can only be interpreted by us as only we know our own symbols and a symbol accepted from another may be interpreted differently by each of us. The haunting flute, like the river of Golden Light, leads me into a special place of evaluation from the inner child to the self I AM and will become through the orchestra of gifts in harmony with which I AM Blessed. The greatest gift is worth nothing until given. Therefore accept love and give love.
With Love, David in Spain.


About David

Devonian writer
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