Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 7

Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 7
Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #13
The Magenta High Heart of Unconditional Love.
How wonderful that we should have been discussing your dream Renata with the emphasis on sacrifice! The story of Albrecht and his brother Albert are a beautiful reminder of the opportunities, which lie before us on this pathway, to offer ourselves as the sacrifice for the sake of others.
As we approach the end of a cycle and look forward to new beginnings it behoves all of us to find ways in which we can source something of ourselves to offer to the rest of humanity. It is only through this unconditional effort that we can truly ascend, expecting nothing in return and becoming the way-showers, the pathfinders who will lead the rest of humanity into the new cycle.
For me the new millennium did not start in 2000 but has grown from the past into a new energy that will be felt from 22nd December 2012 onwards.
When the confusion of the expectant energies of the seasonal celebrations are over the new energy will begin to be experienced in earnest. Some of us are feeling it already, but remember these feelings are not you, just what you are experiencing and that you will learn how to cope with, expand and ascend into in time.
With Love from David in Spain.


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