Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 6

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #13
The Space of Self Expression.
Many of us have difficulty in expressing ourselves or just at times in our lives when we find it difficult to say what we mean and to be able to express ourselves fully, gently and with love to all. This centre for me is congested right now and has been for some time as I feel the constriction of not being able to express myself clearly in my own tongue. Despite the beautiful blue of the sunny skies here in Spain, the selecting of the background to my screen as sky blue and expression through words on the blog the blockage remains. The Golden Light, the bringer of clarity and healing has illuminated the way ahead showing me the cause and allowing me to visualise the remedy which my guides and angels have confirmed is right for me. I see the future where true self expression in all its forms will bring joy and happiness that are the only measures of success into being. The future is bright illuminated with Golden Light!
With Love, David in Spain.


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