Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 1

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #13
This time of winter when the cold causes a withdrawal
to the hearth and into the heart we focus on the Stellar Gateway.
Our own Star, our Sun on the other hand is showing off
a new radiance a Golden Shower of Solar Flares.
As we concentrate on the shower of Golden Light
that pours onto the Earth at this time our Guides and Angels
gather to help each and every one of us safely to absorb
this amazing radiation of Love and Light that is designed
to help us ascend the ladder of consciousness.
It feels almost as if I want to retreat and just revel
in the joy and happiness that the Golden Light brings.
But I know that rather than an end this is only the lull
before a new beginning that brings with it a feeling,
like to Jeka in the story, of true humility.
With Love, David in Spain


About David

Devonian writer
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