So, the second stage of True Meditation is called, CONTEMPLATION.
Concentration was the process of you creating and holding an image in your mind. You are able actually to sustain that image that you have created.
In contemplation it holds itself. You are then free, free to enjoy the vision you have created. That is contemplation.

For all that work in preparation and concentration once you are in contemplation there is nothing for you to do but just to be there and contemplate the vision you have created remembering, seeing and sensing every detail. For it puts you in direct communication with what you have created, all things are one and you begin to tune in to the vision that you have formed in your mind.

It is as well then to vary the object, plant or animal and learn to tune in to each aspect of creation through your concentration and contemplation of every item.

Just to lighten the moment a little in case things are getting too heavy for you:
This little poem came to mind in October 1992:

(Conversation between mother and son)
‘I haven’t the time to sit and stare,
so many things are waiting there,
so many things that need to be done,
they all depend on me alone.
So many things went wrong in the past,
we’ve got to be first in the queue not last.
I wonder what tomorrow will bring,
can’t help thinking and worrying.

Oh the youth of today, no get up and go,
live in the now, tomorrow will do!
No sense of responsibility,
always asleep, no agility.
What’s all this NOW thing?
Strikes me you should get up and do something.’
Oh Mum, you say you don’t sit down but you do,
at some time you have to sit on the loo!

‘Well really!’ Come on Mum hear me out,
when you sit down don’t worry about
things you can’t change and get in a state,
you could use that time to meditate.
‘Meditate! What’s that?
Let your mind go blank and sit on a mat?
I haven’t got time for that,
I’ve got to see to you kids and the cat!’
No Mum just sit in the silence
and listen. Listen to your conscience.
Be guided by that still small voice inside
and the cares of the world will slip aside.
You should take more exercise Mum,
you keep complaining about your bum!
Instead of taking out the car
you could walk to the shops it’s not far.

You can pass the time of day
with friends you meet along the way.
You can smell the roses along the way,
there’ll be more meaning to your day.
Well Mum are you getting the message?
Be kind to yourself and join the new age,
if that’s what you want to call it.
Don’t fight it, enjoy it!

Live in the Now, live in the moment.
Enjoy every second, and every minute
and when your there you’ll know it.
You’ll have found that Magical Moment!
© Copyright D. Tenneson 1992
Published in “Journey Through Many Lifetimes”

Whatever you do be happy. With Love, Hanukah


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  1. Beautiful meaningful words David… thank you for sharing


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