I make no secret of the fact that I love music but prefer to meditate in silence with one notable exception. If you find music helpful you will know there are many so called ‘Meditation’ tracks available, but you will need to listen to the whole track or complete CD before you buy. So many move from a peaceful introduction to a rhythm or crescendos that for me are not conducive to my HPT practice. Of course true meditation background music should go nowhere – allowing you to go where you will!

And the exception? If you follow the Rainbow Medicine Circle (RMC) 13 day Golden Light Project meditations starting again on 13th December, and I sincerely hope that you will, Steven’s gentle guitar music in the background to the beautiful guided Chakra meditations of Renata Ash are the best introduction to meditation I know, but also the perfect inner journey for the old hands as well. You can find RMC on:
It’s free or you can donate, but log on early to get registered.

However, gentle music I find a very useful aid in the healing clinic, not for me but for those who come in need. Also when there are a number of people present either for healing or meditation, music is often a useful atmospheric as with RMC that softens the natural noises people make and also brings folks together by encouraging a level of relaxation that spreads like a warm blanket round the shoulders of everyone present.

On a personal basis the music of your choice is, I believe, a natural healer that imbues a feeling of relaxation and Well-being in the listener. Though I have to say that the preferred music of my children and their partners leaves much to be desired in the way of relaxation, but maybe that is just my age?

It is said that music played to a child in the womb is helpful to the unborn, but again if you want to avoid giving birth to a hyperactive monster try not to play Heavy Metal Music too close to the mother. Mozart is said to be the best but again it comes down to your personal choice. The facial expressions of unborn children in the womb leave you in do doubt as to their musical preference!

And there’s no doubt that there is something magical about music that brings harmonies into the un-measurable mystery of consciousness that not all but certain scientists are only now, in these amazing moments of NOW, beginning to recognise, if only at the quantum level, what they thought was vacant space is in fact filled with conscious potential. I believe their minds will be blown when they recognise not only the magical but also the mystical significance of music.
Orchestrate your HPT in Love with the music of your choice, Hanukah


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