How does the song go? “Slow down, you’re going too fast, got to make the morning last … “

As in this present season of Autumn leading into Winter when the Earth slows down and begins to allow itself to recuperate, we propose something not mentioned so far in HPT but which comes under its broad banner that we find most beneficial in managing ourselves.

As Humans we are fortunate that we have the two systems, one conscious and the other unconscious, that give us the opportunity to engage in life then recuperate in meditation and sleep. Our autonomic system allows us to breathe, for blood to circulate and for all of our internal systems to go on working whatever we may get up to.

We can live a life that stretches our systems to the point where they can function no longer with inevitable consequences, or we can aid our minds and bodies to function at an Ideal Standard of Health and one of those ways is to follow our daily purpose through HPT, bringing all our systems into harmony.

In addition however there is a weekly process that we find fits so well when we  wind down for a day with a fast. By that we mean trying to give up all the tiresome tasks like work or strenuous play, television, radio or video to make it truly a day of rest for the whole self.

Many concentrate on just a lack of food but a true fast should be a letting go and giving up of as much as possible as above. However if like us you now need to take a medication then a very small amount of food may be desirable so as not to stress the inner self. Whatever is right for you is right for you! There are no rules only recommendations, hopefully to help.

A day of relaxation of body, mind and spirit is the aim when all systems can come to that point of harmony within. No stress should be incurred here. If you find you are unable completely to rest and need to raise your blood sugar level in order to be comfortable, then do so gently and easily with just enough to keep you stable.

We manage very well with a small piece of toast to break the fast and take the pills, a thin vegetable soup for lunch with as much water, juice or green tea to drink during the day as is comfortable to flush the system, and tea with a croissant to take the evening medication.

We find that the digestive system benefits from this time of reduction and because our day is one of relaxation with at most a good spiritual book, HPT extends throughout the day with all the other benefits of this Highly Precious Time coming our way. May it come your way too.
Enjoy with Love, Hanukah


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