You will find the Benefits of HPT expressed in many ways in these posts on Meditation and HPT.
Let´s look at the Value of Visualisation.
Some of us are visual people and some are audio. I am visual as colour is important to me and being a creative sort of chap I need to have a picture in my mind, which I usually transfer to paper in the form of a technical drawing or sketch, before I start a particular project. And certainly, as I’ve said before, 95% thought and 5% doing seems to work for me.

Another visual aid: There are ways of overcoming negative emotion by splashing paint onto paper and you don’t have to be an artist to achieve success!

Now, most of us end up working long hours to make a buck and provide for ourselves and family and we could work 8, 10 or 15 hours a day whether we are a doctor or a coal miner and some work a lot more for very little. But the thing is that we will be far more productive if we could spend 10 to 15 minutes a day in visualisation.

You see, work can become a drudge and drag us down especially for little dosh or reward. So we tend to relax with a beer and drown our sorrows and frustrations in front of the telly or down at the pub. But if we could spend just 10 or 15 minutes visualising the happiest circumstance that comes to mind when we were truly fulfilled and happy we would see a remarkable change in our perception of work and life in general becoming far more productive in the process.

It is in those few moments of remembrance, of great times and feelings that attract the same vibrations to us in huge quantities that energises us and alters our conscious mind to a feeling of worthiness, of healthiness and happiness.

So no matter what kind of meditation you engineer or follow if you only spent those few minutes of HPT in remembrance of good feelings you would accrue great benefit.

You know when we talk of Visualisation many will say immediately they have no imagination and therefore cannot visualise. But you see this process is not about conjuring something out of nothing it’s about remembering. We can all remember good times. When we do that, instead of dwelling on the drudgery of life, we will begin to benefit. Try it. You’ll see!

Let’s face it we all visualise. When you want to get up out of your seat and cross the room you have to visualise it first. So visualisation is not something new or magical it’s just natural and HPT will allow you to bring it into your awakened conscious mind.
Happy visualising, Hanukah


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5 Responses to BENEFITS OF HPT 1

  1. Last evening I was meditating with the voice of Wa-na-ne-che… A gift I shared in my visualisation 🙂


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