It has been said that we actually meditate in the spaces between thoughts. The trick is to practice until the thoughts are reduced and the spaces are expanded to encompass more time. I mentioned above the need to meditate, as recommended in all good books, and then to meet together for a joint meditation and to share the experience together. This meeting is more than it first appears for it provides you with an opportunity to practice the oneness that eludes most of the human race and which we of like mind all strive to bring in to our every waking thought. It also gives you the opportunity to exercise one of the aims of life on earth: To master matter.

You practice the oneness of life by understanding that in the group situation you do not matter! Since you are a part of everyone else, the needs of the others in the group are more important than your needs. You practice this in group meditation by being totally still physically, like the stillness you seek to achieve within. You do this by not fidgeting, not sighing, not scratching, not breathing heavily and not sneezing or coughing. So if you come to a meditation group to impress others forget it! If you come back to normal waking conscious first, after your meditation, you sit absolutely still until the last one comes back into physical consciousness without making a sound or taking a sip of water – however quiet you think you can be.

I have sat in 2 circles with people who were deaf. One profoundly deaf and the other partially deaf. They do not hear the noises they make so as far as they are concerned there is nothing to correct. Being of advanced age they also suffered with other conditions that gave them pains in their joints and they were prone to make involuntary movements which disturbed the other sitters, you know a leg or an arm flying out here and there, but to which they were blissfully unaware. One even had a hearing aid rather like Walkman – refused to wear the National Health type – and balanced the box on the table in front of her. When one of her ear-pieces fell out as it often did the feed-back whine was so loud that many of us suffered considerable pain when returning at lightning speed to normal consciousness. It’s as well to pick your comrades with care!

So, the first matter you must master is of course your physical self. We have personal responsibility in this life and we need to control ourselves at all levels – whether it be road rage, to organise our thoughts, not to pass on gossip or to control our own physical bodies as above.

With practice you can over-ride the need to sneeze, the need to move or scratch etc. Remember – you do not matter. Your needs, wants and desires are secondary to the needs of the group. In fact of course you are the group so by looking after the group need you are, in reality, looking after yourself. It’s a bit like the N.A. Animal totem – The Turkey – known as the ‘give away’ for it sacrifices itself for the needs of the group or tribe.

If you were a member of certain N.A. Nations you would understand the Power Animal of the Turkey. If there is a choice of having something for yourself or giving it to the tribe for the good of all then it is given to the tribe. A member of the tribe will give everything he or she has in order to protect the needs of the group as a whole. So before you get to the age of blissful ignorance practice now to master your own matter. In so doing you will not only help others but, as I say, you will also help yourself.

Thomas Grey said in his – Ode on a Distant Prospect of Eton College –
“Where ignorance is bliss ’tis folly to be wise.”
HPT will teach you to be wise before the event.
With Love, Hanukah


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  1. Some Good advice 🙂


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