Once you are comfortable it is best to start with the breath. Breathe in quite rapidly to a count of 4 and at the end of the in-breath hold it for a count of 7 before you breathe out slowly for a count of 8. Carry on like this for about ten breaths. With each out breath feel yourself relaxing and the tension disappearing from your neck and shoulders dropping, your mind clearing and becoming relaxed and peaceful. (With practice you will find that the breath becomes extended and you will be able to slow down the body and the mind quite naturally without thinking about it in just a few breaths.)

Remember that thoughts are very powerful. This is why it is important that you are in a placid state and not angry or excited when you begin. You are at the point now when you need to open yourself. When you open yourself to spirit you open yourself to all spirit and if you are angry you will attract the angry lower level of spirit to you. Remember the law of resonance? Whatever state of mind you are in – you will attract that level to you. So you need to elevate your thoughts and aspire to the highest positive level you can imagine. But do not strive to contact or have conversations with your guides and helpers at this stage either. By all means think of the ascended masters or angels – Jesus, Buddha, St Germain or AA Michael or Gabriel, whoever you feel comfortable with. They will be there in the background to help you.

This great law of resonance acts in your daily life too so keep your thoughts on as high a plane as possible at all times so that you attract the same high level of incarnate souls to you in your daily existence. It is imperative that you become master in your own house. By that I mean that you must be in control of what happens to you physically, mentally and spiritually. So before we get on to the method you need to open with the right words and this is best in the form of an opening prayer of your choice.

The wording is not important so long as it incorporates or implies a blessing and the words come from the heart and you ask for what you want.
You know what they say:
“if you don’t ask you won’t get.”
And God said,
”I will give you what you ask. Your task is to ask!”

Following the format of your HPT:
Prepare the space/ Get comfortable/ Say your prayer/ Begin your meditation
Peace be with you, Hanukah


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