You will remember in the Sound Systems post on 31.10.12:
When you are alone in the silence listen!
Just breathe and listen. Your breath is probably the first thing you will hear and even when you are sitting still: there will be sounds from the rhythm of your heart, the depth of your lungs, the movement of fluids in your arteries, your joints and when you swallow. Did you hear the crunch in your ears as you swallowed? What was that crash? Did you blink? Just listen and be amazed at your own sound system!

Let’s take this recognition one stage further, especially for those who may feel they are suffering from the condition known as Tinnitus. I remember many years ago when a young man came to our healing clinic suffering in this way, and when healing, I was conscious of tiny hands taking something out of his ears and discarding it.

I could not believe what I had seen but on recounting my experience it was confirmed that I was not mistaken and believed that I was being helped to remove whatever was causing the distress. However it is now apparent that what was being removed was some of the body’s sensitivity to it’s own orchestra or sounds.

There is no doubt that we develop sensitivities as we go through life, some are to different foods and particularly we may find that we cannot manage to digest certain things as we age. The body’s way of saying we no longer need this. Then there are the sensitivities to others when we become aware, often without knowing how to their mood, the fact that there has been an argument in a room we have just entered, or more often to a particular condition from which others suffer.

But let’s look again at Tinnitus. Once the bodily orchestra is recognised there is a tendency to concentrate on those unusual sounds to the exclusion of other things that are frankly more important to getting on with life. The most effective remedy which may be hard to believe is to stop concentrating on the sounds from within, except when you want to, and start playing your own tune.

But if you are interested you can begin, in those probably rare moments of quiet in your busy day, to focus on the individual sounds that make up the cacophony that up till now has been a source of discontent. You can make it into a game trying to work out whether you are listening to breath or joints or blood or nerve pulses or digestion. Go on have some fun with it! Whether you enjoy sonatas, rap or heavy metal I’m sure you can relate your own internal intonations to things you love from outside.

Remember that you are the conductor of all that goes on inside, so get out your baton and bring your instruments to order. I know you didn’t think you had it in you but you can become as effective a musician as anyone!
Chordially yours, with Love, Hanukah


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