You know there is a lot of rubbish talked about emotion. Among the blokes mainly who seem to believe that it’s a ‘girly’ thing and not for the lads! Well here’s the thing: your emotions so affect the way you are and my advice would be to ‘get emotional’.

The guys seem to think that it’s all about sitting with a box of tissues through a weepy movie, but no, although if that’s what makes you happy in the long run then by all means indulge!

The thing is that your emotions are important to recognise and understand for they affect your well being and that is the most important aspect of happiness, and let’s face it that’s what life is all about, or it should be! Sadly we tend not to appreciate that happiness is ours for the accepting.

No, not taking but accepting! You see your emotions dictate your mood. If you let something or someone get under your skin, in a bad way, how does that make you feel? It could be the way your bus to work is always late that puts you in a bad spot with your boss. You arrive in a bad mood and full of negative emotion, trying to explain it was not your fault. Wrong! Get the earlier bus and get in his good books and then how do you feel? Better still how does he feel? Maybe you will get the rise he promised!

You see if you look carefully and deeply into your feelings about every aspect of your life you can fix most of it by a simple change in you, because it is only you that can change anything for the better. You will immediately be filled with positive and happy emotions. Your Well-being index will go off the scale.

How does that make you feel?
Feeling better about just one thing in your life will allow your health to improve and your positive attitude will show in your work and in your relationships. How would you feel if you turned everything round for the better? You see the way things can change in your life? But it’s only you that can make it happen. As I said before get emotional and begin to feel the Feel Good Factor.

You can do this is so many ways: Make a list of all the things you are grateful for, adding to the list every day. Then write down all the times you were really happy and remember those emotions. Make a list of all the things you want like having enough money, having good health, being in a good relationship etc.
Don’t think about the negative stuff like the opposite to those lists but concentrate only on the things that make you feel good, healthy, happy and positive. Remembering always that you deserve to be happy and full of the Feel Good Factor.
Love, Hanukah


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David … Who does not want to feel good ? I don’t think there will be many ” I, Sir” responses among your readers, for all human beings and even animals and plants want to… feel good and they show it when they are… happy.

    There are many misunderstandings when it comes to translate “emotional” and it is true that we, men, mostly consider this as feminine trait and even go as far as calling it a symptom of being a “cry-baby” .

    There are so many ways and so many reasons to feel “emotions” in our daily lives. Unfortunately, we have been told to set aside our emotions and always keep a stiff upper lip in all circumstances.
    But what does that really mean ?
    Does it imply that we can only cry when our eyes hurt or are there set rules for those “emotional” moments when it is “natural” to let our tears roll off our cheeks ?
    I never learned them and I still have no interest in learning those “stupid” rules (if they exist!).

    I noticed that I might have made a mistake while mixing emotions with tears . They are not forcibly related, do read the above.
    Emotions come in all colours and sizes; the trick is to understand what they mean at the right time.
    Do we need to analyze where our emotions come from and why they manifest themselves ?
    Well maybe !!
    Going through this introspection might help us to realize that there is no valid reason to suppress our emotions but rather suggest that we look at them in the light of our desire to be a good human being.

    Emotions are expressions of our most inner feelings, and while some, like anger and jealousy, should be curbed, others like joy and laughter and in fact all that makes us happy should be shown generously. Often these good emotions are contagious and may well, after all, help others to feel the same energetic enthusiasm.

    May love and light always fill our homes with warmth and brightness.



  2. An excellent entry here David, I wake in gratitude every day! 🙂


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