Are you one of those who thinks out loud?
I have been guilty of this mild mistake that so often has incurred the opposite view and dashed my dreams to dust. As you may recall I have been called a dreamer, and often recalled back to the present when I seem to others to have drifted off into distant dimensions to day dream!

You see I have learnt that dreams and visions are ours alone, and we can spend all night or good portions of days reviewing and refining our visions, before laying them bare for the comments of others, by which time, hopefully, we have verified and polished the version fit for general publication. Or not, as the case may be!

It is so important for us to ensure that the vision we hold is what we truly want, and as we’ve said many times it is essential that you are clear about what you ask for. The thing is though that the process of envisioning is almost instantaneously responded to by the beneficent Universe so no need for asking, and we need to get it right as close to first time as possible, as response is semi-automatic.

Of course because it is your own vision you do not have to publish or tell anyone at all about it. You can keep it to yourself and work with the Universe to create and project your vision of your life and your future as you want it.

As with the TM (True Meditation) version of HPT (Highly Precious Time) it is essential to follow the procedure starting with the all important Concentration. Most of us have a limited concentration span, mostly measured in minutes, but the sooner we can bring our thoughts and ideas to a clear focus, the sooner and more specifically will the Universe be able to respond to that particular vibration.

You see if you publish too soon, and others ideas do not fit your own, you immediately fudge your focus and the vibration wobbles into other variations that are difficult to respond to accurately. I guess, ‘Keep your own Counsel’ would be a good maxim here! And keep your publications to HPT projections of your Purified Visions that are yours and yours alone.
Yours in Focus, Hanukah


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