This powerful commandment has so many far reaching consequences that are probably not appreciated by the majority of the human race.

What is a gun for if not to kill? For defence? Oh! sorry, I forgot it is your right to defend yourself and your family, and of course it is also your right to go into the wilderness and shoot anything that moves, bringing home your trophies!

Let’s just change the wording a little to:
This profound law is written into the basic premise of the great gift of conscience that we all carry. Basically we know what is wrong and what is right, and we know when we have committed a violation, whether we chose to acknowledge it or not!

Now this extends the coverage even further as you will see, and perhaps remember.
So to remind you, lets get specific:
When you kill beyond the need for food it is a violation.
I have a beautiful Native American Drum that speaks volumes to me and to others. But the skin used in its manufacture was not due to a killing for its hide, but the animal’s death was either a passing through misadventure like a road death or through natural causes. That’s the way these beautiful Shamanic tools are made, with true reverence for life.

Those who trap animals for skin or fur are committing a violation, except those who kill to keep out the cold like the Laps, Inuit or Eskimo, living in the extreme lands of ice and snow.

When a man or woman kills another in war, he or she knows deep down that they have committed a violation, even though they try to justify under those strange ‘rules of engagement’.

When a woman gives birth to a child into a society that cannot feed itself due to over population it is a violation. So overpopulation is a violation which is balanced in nature by the natural order, when there is not enough food, and the excess of that insect or animal species will die through starvation.

When there is the same in human populations, try as we might to ignore reality and hope that international aid will provide, the balance is restored through war which, much as we would all like to live in and pray for peace, is itself self perpetuating. This will continue until the associated guilt that is felt by and passed to successive generations is finally expiated by exchanging fear for love.

If you associate love with peace you must know that it is an outgoing emotion, designed to spread, but so also is aggression and if one is inhibited then the other will surge forward and outward even more as the balance has been disturbed. You can see where this scenario will end, as love is inhibited, and is in fact taking us right now.

To continue this insidious spread you can see that abuse in all its many forms, including mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and sexual abuse are violations, indeed bullying from the playground to a Cyber attack, which opens a new void of violation and certainly the cruelty of torture, that most extreme of physical abuse, is the most violent form of non-love that to me is the worst violation of one human being by another.

Is it any wonder then that certain monks, with a greater appreciation of the human condition, will gently sweep the ground in front of themselves as they walk to avoid treading on and violating even the smallest insect?
But then, they should also realise that to set fire to themselves – regarded as the greatest sacrifice – but regardless of the cause, is still a violation, as is any form of suicide.

May your lives be free of violation and may Love replace fear in your mind and heart letting only Peace remain.
With Love, Hanukah


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  1. William Lambert says:

    Thanks, David, well thought through and very thought provoking! L&L, William


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