In bygone days mankind in its various tribes and communities believed that the gods needed to be placated, pleased or pandered to, according to the words of their priests or prophets. It seems that across the globe there was a common belief in a vengeful god. From the burning of animals to the frantic last ditch attempt at pleasing to put things right, of letting a king’s blood to the sacrifice of his own people.

This ancient ploy based on the gullibility, fostered by priests, and superstition of their followers was essentially management by fear, a system of man/woman management used by religions, cults and employers still today. And yes, even to the point of mass sacrifice! Convinced that the end of the world was nigh!

This is a sad reflection of the fear of those in positions of power in whatever form or level of authority or government, who feel that they must instil fear to control their minions and populations in order to obtain and maintain their loyal support, their productive output and their donations.

The secret ingredient does not enter into the management equation of success, which in business has changed the face of their gods to those of shareholders, in families to those of patriarchs, matriarchs, or doctors and bishops and in countries to the posters of favourite candidates all of whom profess to make things right. Oh and the super gods who rule all others: the scientists whose answers to life’s questions and challenges change on a daily basis, spending billions on fruitless fantasies.

Do you believe in a vengeful god? One who will punish you if you get something wrong? I do hope not, because nothing could be further from the truth. It is an accepted fact that in our search for growth and fulfilment we will never complete or finish anything. Why? Because that is the way it is meant to be for there is no judgement, no god to say whether you have passed or failed, done a good job or not. So you can get that fear out of your head right away.

You are given every opportunity to work your way through the chaos that is life on Earth, understanding that you are never given anything that you cannot cope with. Trying your best is all that is ever asked of you. And understand also that if life were easy what would be the point of living? You are meant to use every one of your unique gifts and talents to enable you to grow, to move forward and in so doing to help your fellows in the same process. If you find yourself in chaos give thanks!

There is no need for punishment. Think about it! We punish ourselves enough without any outside help wouldn’t you say?

There is one ingredient that would put us all on the same level but missed by most it seems, especially by those who have risen to positions of power in whatever field you care to name and sadly we tend not to use it for ourselves.

The Source is not vengeful nor doles out punishment, it is not God who causes a drought or devastating flood, earthquake or tsunami. That is all down to humankind. You could say that Nature also has a hand in doling out disasters, but when did we start trying to control Nature and when did you hear of someone trying to live and work with Nature? You get the picture?

The essential ingredient that changes everything is Love!
When was the last time you looked at yourself? The way you present yourself to the world (consigning the beauty magazine to the waste bin) and more importantly your inner self, your mind and each one of the trillions of cells that make up your body? When you went through that process looking, investigating and praising the way you are, did you bless every thought, every act, every breath and heartbeat with Love?

If you blame every ache and twinge on someone else, God even, think again! By loving yourself in the above way you are influencing the consciousness of each one of the trillions of cells that you are, and hence every single discomfort. You see, loving yourself is not the conceit misappropriated to that act, it is essential to ensure your ideal standard of health and only you are capable of bringing that well-being into being!

Please understand that you are a beautiful being, blessed with unique talents, you are worthy of the title, Child of God, Master of the Universe and the Source does not punish or wreak vengeance on one of its own. In fact the Source only dispenses Love. Only humankind is vengeful and punishes those it sees as wrong doers. Mankind continues to make rules, laws and regulations that soon everyone will be seen as a criminal!
Remember you are beloved.
In Love, Faith and Trust, Hanukah


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