When we look back on the wars of old, that punctuate our history books, as in the previous post under this Category, we see the battles between Muslims and Christians, but these days we find it difficult to understand, as I suspect many ordinary Muslims do, of the murders committed of one sect against another of the same faith when Sunnis, Shias, Alawites, Sufis and the rest go out of their way to annihilate each other.

Does the holy Quran, given and seen by all followers of Islam as the holy word of God transmitted in revelation by the Angel Gabriel to the Prophet, and perceived as a miracle and proof of the prophet-hood of Muhammad, bless his name, outline this wholesale slaughter? If it can be interpreted in this way then I find it most difficult to comprehend as the holy word of God. However I can see it’s daily disaster news as evidence of the increasing lack of respect, greed for power and intransigence of man. Every army commander and every Cleric of the Faith bears a huge responsibility to teach Peace.

We see the daily reports of the actions of so called terrorists across the world leaving the streets strewn with the blood and bodies of their own brothers, sisters and children. It is impossible for us in the relative calm of a western country to appreciate the daily threat that pervades the very air of many countries in the middle east. Nor to appreciate the energy that drove the perpetrators to such acts of terror.

Ordinary people trying to go about their ‘normal’ daily business, taking children to school (when they are allowed to attend a school, by their fundamentalist brothers), doing the shopping and cooking a meal for the family who may or may not be alive to eat it.

This is the terror that ordinary folks, like you and me, have to live with every day of their fractured lives. Can you imagine what this does to the minds of men, women and children who jump at the sound of a slamming door thinking it’s another bomb that may bring their house down?

Your parents and grandparents would perhaps remember the blitz of London and other cities at the time of World War II, as I do, and have experience of living with the mental and physical consequences thereafter, few of us though have any concept of such damage to the psyche.

Indeed it is the knowledge of what has gone before and what might happen again that brings terror to the mind. This is the most difficult mental mirage to counter but it must be countered since the terror will never go away until each and every man, woman and child has learnt how to breathe into the darkest corners of the mind and replace terror with Peace.

Terrorising minorities or even majorities by powerful minorities, as in some cases, is not the way forward for it only stores the energy that festers into hatred and can only be released by explosive violence. It doesn’t go away it just waits until it finds release, violent or otherwise.

If someone threatens with a bomb, if only a petrol bomb, rather than beat, torture and lock that person up it is the responsibility of governments to find and release the pent up energy that drove the person to such radical action, in order to bring peace to their populations. Peace treaties are the way forward bringing the rebels into the fold and allowing their pent up energies to find peaceful release.

Go gently on your way and treat others as you would wish to be treated.
Go in Peace, Hanukah


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4 Responses to TERROR

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Greetings, David… Thank you for summing up what is happening on our small planet Earth !!

    It is indeed difficult to comprehend that religions can be used as time bombs to kill when they should ONLY bring peace to men of good will. Luckily the Western World has muzzled its leading religions and allows them ONLY to disseminate hate and prejudice without the actual weaponry.
    On the contrary, Islam has not been able to understand that Jihad or War against the Infidels is something of the 8th century. Leaders on Terror have been able to galvanize the unoccupied minds of youths and elders alike, claiming as the Crusaders of Old .. “for G’d wills it”… Allahou Akbar… Our G’d is great… is a cry coming equally out of the mouth of victims and assailants. Do they really know what they are saying or Whom they are invoking ?

    I do wonder how many good Muslims have read AND understood what the Holy Koran is all about. Too often, seeing what is happening in the Islam world, I am reminded of the way Christian Churches mislead their followers, using them as puppets to obtain power and riches.
    Nothing new under the sun!!! or so it seems, but weapons have become more lethal and hiding from them nearly impossible.

    Let us hope that Good Tidings are underway and that finally Love will prevail in a world of hatred.
    Man is cutting the branch of the tree his ancestors planted, but he does not realize that he is sitting on it.

    Love and Light I share with you, dear David, may they illuminate the long road we still have to travel.



  2. William says:

    There can be no question that Muhammad held firm religious convictions and stood by his sense of morality in the face of significant persecution by his own people, a fact often overlooked by modern critics who do not look deeply into the life of the prophet. I do not believe that he would condone such acts of terror as committed by twenty-first century zealots in the name of Allah.

    Islamic fundamentalist clerics support such archaic views for the simple reason that they have not allowed their religious beliefs to evolve alongside humanity, choosing instead to retain a seventh century mentality that is for all practical purposes incompatible with the views held by the rest of the world today. It is important to recognize that the Christian church in that century was just as violently judgmental of non-believers and routinely murdered those who disagreed with their own religious viewpoint, despite the original admonition of Joshua to seek peaceful solutions to resolve conflict.

    The difference between Islam and Christianity today lies in the Christian church’s ability to change its policies over time to reflect the needs of society as a unified whole, for the most part. This is seen as evidence of corruption by Islamic extremists and is therefore vilified to such an extent that violent reprisal seems logical to them for they retain the medieval perspective of might makes right rather than bowing to modern diplomatic conventions. It is a complicated issue that cannot be solved by simple solutions, requiring extensive dialog and understanding between cultures that have opposed each other for many centuries. I do not, however, believe that the problems are insurmountable as long as we continue to advocate peace over military intervention. Another fantastic post, my friend.


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