Some prospect for silver or gold,
Many see the view as their prospect,
A few see the world as their prospect.
A student views the prospectus,
The syllabus, with expectation.
Our prospect is our future,
Which we view with anticipation.
It is a far reaching view
Over continents and customs,
Living places, lands and languages.
Finding new friends and faces
To fulfil a dedicated promise,
A dedication to pursue
Our purpose, but with a proviso:
The proviso is not according
To our will, wish or desire,
But to a will beyond our own.
The will that overrides
All other wills for those
Who work with faith and trust,
Following only the will of the Divine.
‘Father let my will be your will’,
Is the constant given prayer,
Hoping that direction be received.
But in this moment, in this now
We work according to the will of now,
Knowing the purpose is served
Wherever we are, in the Now.
Wherever you are, is where
You are meant to be! Said he.
Pursuing your purpose,
Perceiving your prospect.

In pursuit, Hanukah


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