You know there is a tendency, nay, dare I say, a first reaction to assess where you are in relation to where someone else is! All very well if you are on the up escalator and the person you want to meet is on the down towards a different train on the London Underground. But that’s extreme. Eh? And I don’t really like extreme.

The thing is that, compared to you, no other person matters unless of course, and again we have to use the simile of ladders, you’re both on the corporate ladder vying for the same position, then naturally it matters. But in the grand scheme of things it does not. Even your position on the stairway to enlightenment is only of concern to you since there is no competition and the pathway is as wide or as narrow as you wish to make it!

[And this is where a split personality helps – only joking! From my own experience I can say I was very happy in my job(s) which in a strange way I saw as an extension of my other life of healing and spirituality. Of course now I see nothing strange in that extension, as it all became part of a beautiful whole.]

Strange isn’t it? I always wonder where my readers are in the world as I guess there is a natural hope that, if we are in the same country, one day we may meet! Is that it? Do we all yearn for connection? At the same time I am thrilled that some are obviously on the other side of the world, and it’s fantastic that we can reach or read each other in this way!

As far as you, your life and development are concerned it is important to know where you are, but not in relation to anyone else. It is important for you alone to know where you want to be in relation to where you are and also where you need to be.

The latter takes you from the everyday concerns to the idea of not where you see yourself physically, but to where you feel you need to be spiritually (Enlightened?) For instance: What is your true purpose in this life? Do you feel that you are fulfilling that purpose? If there is a nagging feeling that perhaps you are meant to be doing something else in a different place, then that is probably right for you. The gut instinct is often the right instinct!

If you are unhappy that is a sure sign that something needs to change and only you can change it. Don’t look for outside energies of any kind to make the change for you, or blame them for where you find yourself right now. Your unhappiness is the only guide you need to where you will be happy, and the only thing that matters is where you want to be in relation to where you are now. This may sound a bit selfish but only you can make the changes necessary for you to feel that you are following your true purpose, and the only measure of that is your happiness.

It does not mean however that life will suddenly became plain sailing, once you have made the change, but that’s what you should expect from a life of true purpose where you can show what you are made of and grab all the opportunities to fulfil your purpose and ensure your happiness. You know ‘Carpe Diem’!
The only one you have to prove anything to is you!
Be happy, Love Hanukah


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One Response to WHERE ARE YOU?

  1. eugene1941 says:

    So very, very, very true..David…. It is, indeed, a very “strange” situation that humans should have to situate themselves in comparison with others.
    We always speak in distances, whether miles or kilometers and whether we are on the right or on the
    left side of the road.
    Why is that ?
    Is it because we want the other(s) to find us, now, tomorrow or whenever ?
    Possibly !!!

    But then, how do we situate ourselves when we try to FIND ourselves in the labyrinth of Life ? Of course, we use history, past or actual, and try to fit in it as well or as sadly as we can. So, we are people from the XXX century, from the Industrialized era, from and from, as so on.
    Are we satisfied by this nomenclature ? Is there nothing else we would like to be called ? Do we have enough personality to understand WHO WE ARE ?
    Do we have enough self esteem to let insults and false assessments for what they are, the product of misGUIDED others ?

    It is essential to be able to look OURSELVES in the eyes, confronting OURSELVES in truth with our acts, leaving all false pretenses aside and promise OURSELVES to be better… humans.

    We are mostly walking through life bent under the strict rules of our laws and culture, and it is obvious that, although we are supposedly products of “Liberty, Equality and Fraternity “, we are not always happy about how we feel treated and would change the way those things rule us..
    That is IF only we could, !!!.
    Then, why not start to change what we have to change in our own lives, as we are the only masters of our lives. Or, maybe, is it that it is easier to change (or hope to change) others than ourselves ?
    Enlightenment is not reserved for utterly spiritual people. We should all become enlightened and understand that we play a very important part in the affairs of Planet Earth, but also be aware that we should play our role well and interact with our fellow thespians the best we can.

    I suppose that by this example you will realize that no one can act your role as good or as…bad as you, for YOU are unique.
    I wish us all a good trip through life and may the stage of our performance always be full of light.
    Let us give ourselves a round of applause as it give us heart for the next episode.

    Love and light to you, David and to all those who will read your post.



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