This is the time of discernment.
We receive conflicting messages every day and it is up to us to sort out what we know as our own truth.

It is said that there is only one sure way to learn:
Listen to your teacher, Guru or Master with an ardent desire to believe everything he or she says. Copy down the lesson in your own handwriting. Read and re-read your notes until the words are held without effort in your memory. Say out loud and repeat again as if you were teaching others. The final and most important act is to put the lesson into practice.

It is the bringing into practice that forms the essential vibration of your life experience. You see, the words themselves do not teach but creating that essential vibration cements the experience, the knowledge and hopefully the wisdom into your memory.

Remember that when you create that vibration there is, by the Law of Attraction an exact matching vibration that brings to you more of the same.

What confirms this to your waking consciousness is the repetition that you may find of other words or written works that echo and compliment your new understanding. This then makes it easier for you to sort out the lesson you are trying to learn.

Don’t think that this is a few and far between experience for there are lessons to be learned and truth from falsehood to sort each and every day in this classroom of Earth.

You are the privileged ones, there may be seven billion of us on earth right now, but each one of us is blessed to be here no matter what state we may find ourselves in. Don’t waste your time by looking out of the classroom window or ogling the boy/girl next door use every second to find ways to better yourself and the world around you. It’s up to us to keep the classroom in the best possible condition, there are no contract cleaners, you are the caretakers of Earth. Look to your responsibilities.

There are many who, though with little schooling, rise to prominence in their chosen field for it is life experience that really teaches. When in business I preferred to employ someone with ‘A’ levels in Common Sense rather than a wallet full of degrees. The University of Life is the greatest teacher, and when you find a reflection of your learning and knowing it is the Universe bringing you more of the same according to the Law of Attraction matching your new found vibration.

If you really want to learn then teach, with love, Hanukah


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2 Responses to WORDS DON’T TEACH

  1. William Lambert says:

    Dear David – this one is very appropriate for my current students as they are not writing their notes properly, not assembling the largely pre-printed theses for WLI courses I and II, and not presenting their healing training homework. I think you know that the current ones have asked for the whole year off, whereas I was well enough and offered to start again in Sept.

    Discipline seems to have gone out of the window…..too much distraction, entertainment, “instant coffee” attitude, etc. They would not have survived in work in the times we grew up in, on small salaries. TV and computers seem to have much to answer for!

    So may I use this in my next Link newsletter – it is remarkable how the ideas/contributions turn up! Too much in fact for the next Link, except that my own bit has not yet surfaced!

    Love and Light, William


    • davidtenn says:

      Dear William, It is a shame that others feel that they want to reach the winning post with no work to get there, and don’t understand the value of the steps needed for true learning and achievement. Please feel free to use the post for the Link. Love David


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