In days of old when men were bold … Days of Rage were an every day thing. So what has changed?

Christians went to war to ‘save’ Jerusalem from the infidel, pumped up with Bible bravado and banners flying they assumed a God given right to fight to save the temple. Not forgetting the promise of a treasure beyond their wildest dreams! But of course, just to keep their hand in, on their way down through Europe they slaughtered the Jews as well. Well, they had killed the Son of God, hadn’t they?

So many wars have been fought in the name of a god.
‘What god?’ You may ask. I am truly saddened that there are those who do not recognise the existence of any god, but that is their choice. Well at least they have no supernatural being to fight for! Or do they?

In my book there is only the One true God. And I am happy that there are so many in this world who profess a belief in Him. Who said, ‘Which God are you talking about?’ ? Well, as there is only One true God that has no name it is only natural that each of us unique humans with our individual families and upbringing should think of the One in a different way and given Her/Him a different name.

So you see, to me they are all One and the same no matter what name is given to the nameless, formless One.

What has been missing from all of our classrooms Mosques, Churches, Synagogues and Temples is the respect that is due to every other human and their right to think and say and believe what they wish and to worship whomsoever they please and by whatever name they choose. Also of course not to feel threatened if someone makes fun of their chosen one or imagine that their faith will be shaken by blasphemy.

There was the time when the Christian Kings, Barons and Nobles with their loyal supporters went to war on the Muslim King and his vastly superior numbers. There is this same kind of battle and confrontation perpetuated in the towns and villages across Spain each year at Summer Fiesta time, acted out to commemorate their own experience of religious war, but unlike real conflict, one day the Christians win and the next the Muslims are victorious. At least here in our town. How sensible!
But did they need to perpetuate the conflict at all?

Sadly, in the real world, with no respect for one another, and lets face it, it doesn’t take much to upset a fervent follower of any faith these days when we should be trying to bring peace into our world through our very breath, the words of respect we need to preach and the common respect we need to have for one another to me are paramount.

But there are those in our world who take freedom to its limit beyond the realm of decency and respect with Satanic Verses, cartoons of prophets and satirical videos, that anyone with a glimmer of sense would have known would be more than likely to start a conflict. Not that it should but would.

It is the turn of the Muslims to take it out on the Christians, the Jews and anyone else who upsets their delicate sensibilities. You must know that unlike the Christian Kings they did not need to invade our lands. They are already here with us enjoying our same nationality, achieved over time almost imperceptibly without invasion. We need to respect and learn to live with our brothers and sisters and they need to respect and learn to live together in peace with us.

We all need to understand that the resentment lies deep, that has been carried in the Psyche for generations, and it only needs a very small excuse to reignite the anger that can explode against any Western interest in any corner of the known world.

Go gently on your way and treat others as you would wish to be treated.
Go in Peace, Hanukah


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  1. John McAndrew says:


    I only wish that ‘religious leaders’ would read your post and Eugene’s comments. These are some of the wisest words I have read on the potential for conflict betwen religions who are certain that they have the answer. As you know, I am probably in the top 1% of ‘sceptical’ persons and, most certainly, belong to the group who do not believe in the existence of any god. However, please do not feel sad for me, the comfort that many peole gain from believing that there is an intention behind the universe is off-set by the belief that there is not some malevolent being responsible for all the evil events which plague our planet.

    I believe in the power of reason and the importance of constantly reviewing the basis of my beliefs.

    Thank you for sharing your thoughts and for doing this with humility.



  2. William Lambert says:

    Excellent! William


  3. eugene1941 says:

    Dear David, I can’t tell you in so many words what your post taught me. Thank you so very much.

    Yes, the One, we think we know, would never have requested Sacred (or any other type of ) Wars.
    I still fail to grasp the REAL reasons why humans have to fight other humans, and then especially in the name of (a) God.
    Why don’t they just tell that what they are really after is power, riches and enslaving others. It would be their bad choice but we would know that it is their choice. There is no need to hide behind Faith or Holly Knowledge.
    When in the name of “culture” (or should I call it “habit” ) people condemn others, without hearing reason nor understanding that yesterday’s beliefs have by themselves become obsolete, I do wonder what more information these people need or rather, what are they afraid of ?.
    Science has made progress and planet Earth has become a big village for we seem to know (or we think we know) more about foreign politics than about our own households. We blame politicians of all nationalities and creed for the way they faultily assess the country’s budget but we refuse to check our own financial plans and make excuses for not preparing ourselves for times of possible “famines”.

    Coming back to the real subject of your important message.. I agree that Peace can ONLY be reached IF we all (try to) understand each other … and appreciate that, whether our neighbours eat garlic when we only eat onions, is not important while it is ONLY a sign of a culinary custom..
    Do people really think differences in opinions are REASONS enough to despise,insult or kill others ?
    I dare hope that all those who will read my comment will understand that I am not giving cooking lessons and that my choice of words are small daily life’s example of more profound diversities between humans.

    I do pray the ONE that He would help us all to reach peace and while, maybe, not in His name then in the name of Humanity. We are fast reaching the overpopulation of our planet and will,more then ever, be responsible for one another. Sharing and helping will be the two main verbs which should be applicable to today’s consciousness.

    I wish us all to be in Peace with all our brothers and .sisters, but first of all with ourselves.
    Love and Light.



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