This corridor, so narrow
that even with a measured pace
becomes a singular passage.
Dark, dismal and dangerous
with its many twist and turns,
divisions and diversions
can lead one to injury
if un-careful betimes.
Space is limited
and time disappears,
contrary to our expectation
where space is vast
and our time lasts,
we are told, forever!
This pathway. Is it true
and is our purpose just?
Is the will of another all there is,
are we so blest to receive
immediate, daily guidance?
Even so, time can drag, or race
and space can seem huge
or appear inadequate.
Is this mere mental miasma,
or is it more than that?
Are we missing something?
Are the wires crossed
or simply disconnected?
Have we forgotten
the unspoilt constitution
in its pure unfettered form?
Not the one of the founders
but of the Father of all
to whom we owe all.
We are away, but do we call
as we should, every day?
Restore the link and call,
remake the bond of love,
recall your prime directive,
your highest inspiration.
Stop chattering, stop talking
stop praying,
listen in silence.
Receive your guidance,
make your will divine.

With Love and Faith, Hanukah


About David

Devonian writer
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  1. Thomas Davis says:

    I like the questions in this, David. I read the narrow passageway as a metaphor for individual lives lived inside the eternity of themselves, betimes, always searching the divine.


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