Buddha has to figure in Illumination and this was a stone one, a present from students, that I painted to match the one we found at his birthplace at Lumbini in Nepal while following the Lotus Path. The necklace of large beads are seeds from the Bo tree under which Buddha sat in Bodh Gaya when he gained enlightenment.
Love, Hanukah.


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4 Responses to SOMETHING from NOTHING 4.

  1. ispiderbook says:

    We recently stayed in a house where they had a Buddaha just like this on the floor. My two year old kept hugging it. At first we thought she might be an enlightened child but eventually we worked out that she thought it was a puppy dog.


  2. William Lambert says:

    Splendid! You certainly keep yourself busy (as well as being head cook and bottlewash?) Did not know you had been to Nepal. Have you walked the Camino (spelling?) also? Love, William


    • davidtenn says:

      Well, no longer head cook nor bottle washer the crown is passed to him upstairs. English and Spanish friends have walked the Camino but not so far. I was in India and Nepal for three weeks seeing everything at ground level literally, and loved it.


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