Since I have posted this in Illumination I thought I’d show you the old brass candlestick we found on the floor of the pigeon house covered in guano and feathers when we moved here which I converted to make an electric candle light. Not very green I know but it kept me off the streets!
We also found an old brass trumpet in the feathers, a bit crumpled, but amazing what folks leave behind and as usual one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
It polished up well but for some reason WordPress won’t let me show it without compromising the text, which you may have briefly seen in previous abortive attempts. Anyway do enjoy the illumination!
Love Hanukah.


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3 Responses to SOMETHING from NOTHING 3.

  1. William Lambert says:

    Well, who’s a talented fella then? Congratulations! Must have taken up much time to clean and prepare. I love the bulb, have not seen any like that before. What a treasure! Typically European rather than English. Love, William


  2. A wonderful lamp and story of restoration David so pleased you were able to show us your talents 🙂 Sue


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