Necessity is the mother of invention … part of the time anyway. ‘When times is hard’ we are forced to invent or when we just feel creative – you know the urge to get down and get mucky! We get creative. These days I guess we all need to exercise the downsize routine and believe that small is beautiful. Within reason.

Well this is in response to the lovely posts from friends Sue Dreamwalker and Cat Forsley who both seem to be on the same creativity vibe from time to time.

As it’s coming up to Christmas I thought I’d bring you a little inspiration for what they call here a Belen or Crib. This one is made from old polystyrene packing pieces with a bit of glue and acrylic paint though I have to say the figures were bought years ago and the Crib made to their measurements.
There’s a star overhead (not in shot) and lights inside with the inner surfaces lined with reflective duct tape so the light doesn’t shine through the poly.
The palm tree is from a kitchen roll tube, wrapped in a bandage, with real miniature fan palm fronds from the garden.
And there’s more! But strangely I haven’t mastered the knack of posting picture and text together so it will have to be done on subsequent days.
So please bear with me. And watch this space!
Love Hanukah


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2 Responses to SOMETHING from NOTHING 1.

  1. I wish I wasn’t viewing via my phone this morning David and will be back in a couple of days to take closer look
    Smiling as we each get into our creative side. And love the thught behind this.
    When my Chidren were very small funds were very sparse at Christmas time. And one year I just couldn’t afford much in way of presents.
    So I set about and made my 7yr old a Fort out of a cardboard box with turrets draw bridge and archer windows. Covered it in brick wallpaper which was all the rage which was left over from my own Mantel piece decorating days in the 70’s.
    I purchased several plastic bags of knights on horse back and army of the days of old.
    For my 5yr old daughter I made a dolls house with furiture curtains beds etc and several sets of home made dresses for a small Barbie type doll.
    If you ask both my Son and Daughter which Christmas they remember the best. They always say the one where you made us the Fort and Dolls house.
    Love poured into makeing far outways Material Wealth.
    Thank you David for extracting that memory yet again 🙂 Wonderful creative work xx
    Blessing Sue x


  2. William Lambert says:

    Beautiful! Love, William


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