Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 10

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
The Golden Solar Plexus Centre of Personal Power.
This centre related also to the mind and its creative power one can see the validity of personal power existing here and linked to the wisdom of the heart. Unlike before the centre appeared to be in shadow – possibly because of the recent internal damage in this area as I experienced a ripping sensation. This centre will require a return visit for sure! As the energy was breathed out to the dark sphere at first a tightness then a relaxation was felt as the unwanted energies filled the sphere. When the Brow laser focused on the sphere it rapidly cleared, changed colour to white and then exploded into golden rain onto ME. In that moment the cloud departed and the golden yellow light of the centre shone through as a feeling of warmth and healing permeated the solar area.
I send Golden Blessings to all in dedication to a life of service.
David in Spain


About David

Devonian writer
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