Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 9

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
The Emerald Lower Heart Flame Chakra of Healing and Purpose
Recently I saw the reporting of a new channel of news that will bring positive happenings to the public, rather than the negative that seems to be the one requirement of news of the past, with the emphasis not on what we do not want but on what we want. Yes!
I had been taught by numerous teachers and masters to ‘close down’ the Chakras after any activity like healing or meditation. I now concur wholeheartedly with Renata asking that our hearts, along with all other Chakras for that matter, remain open. Yes! The one aspect that came to me when I asked to be shown my true purpose was simply: ‘The Word’. Yes!
The Gold and Green is such a delightful combination bringing to me the colours of my favourite time of NOW. Which I sent down to ME, flooding Avalon with Healing, Purpose and Trust. My true Purpose has only come to me now, Healing has been with me forever and Trust I am learning with patient understanding.
Blessings of Healing and Peace to all. It is up to you to Trust.
David in Spain.


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