Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 8

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
The Middle Heart Flame, Pink Rose Chakra
Each time we come to this point I am amazed that the vision of the Chalice is different. It is like a snapshot or Kirlian photo of the aura, telling how we are in that moment. The crystal Chalice was indeed pure crystal embellished with silver holding emerald and ruby stones of left and right, yin and yang of perfect balance round the rim. My Inner Child was as before androgynous with red curls and bright blue eyes, but this time very active and wanting to dance. When it came to the possibility of tears I thought NO not me, but at the close the eyes were indeed moist! My happy dancing child returned to the Chalice leaving me feeling joyful. The same joyous feeling that I pass on to every cell within and send to you without, wishing that you rejoice with me in the blessing of these precious moments.
With much Love, David in Spain


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One Response to Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 8

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David ..
    Wow .. 8 days have gone already and only a few to go. Time goes fast when one ….

    As you seem to do, I too attach great importance to the Middle Heart Flame Chakra.
    It is, indeed, the center of how we behave towards others.
    When this Chakra is closed, even a little bit, we become “scrooges” and our brothers and sisters sorrows do not concern us anymore.
    Watching the world go by, one can easily discover that many of us have locked said chakra and do not intend to open it again before long.
    But then each of us has to clean in front of his (or her) own door… so, let us try to open the entrance to our Middle Heart Flame Chakra as wide as possible, and as the saying goes .. when there is place for one there is always place for more.
    So, let us dust our Chakras and make them shine and give light to all those who will …meet us.

    Love and Light to you, David, and to all those who will read this post.



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