Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 7

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
The High Heart Flame, Magenta Chakra
Thank you for the inspiration of your beautiful poem Renata that never fails to bring a tear and I am sure will mean as much to our fellow travellers.
When I knelt before Mother Meera, with her gentle fingers touching my temples, I looked into her eyes and it was like looking into the heart of the Universe, a great sense of unconditional love and freedom. She said she was untying the knots! As the Golden Light merged with the Pink Magenta I felt again the warmth of that same love and asked again to be taught to love and how to become peace. As the Golden Pink Light descended to ME it was as if I was sitting on the steps of the temple in the New Jerusalem hovering over Avalon, the Heart Centre of ME. I willed the Light to merge into her heart.
To love all unconditionally is my desire and my goal. Indeed in faith I will to be true.
May all our companions on this journey feel the same comfort of the Love of the Logos unconditionally, and spread it to the world wherever they go.
David in Spain


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Devonian writer
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One Response to Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 7

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David… It’s in the silence of the night that I will comment your post. Yes, indeed, it is our most fundamental duty to love one another. That is, at least for me, what Great Masters like Buddha and Jesus came to teach us. It is not easy, but then being a good human is not easy every day.
    Thanks to Circles like the Rainbow Medicine one we are reminded that we carry in our bodies the Chakras of the Illumination. I realize that still very few of us are conscious of these admirable Lights which we often accept to put under the bushel while we are afraid that by talking about them we might antagonize those who prefer not to know.
    To end this little message let me stress again that once the Golden Light Project *12 will be over and done, we should not forget what we learned.
    Chakras are in us always but need to be kept alight and have to remain open at all hours for, as the lamps of the Maids at the Wedding , if we should, G’d forbid, let them fade away, we could find ourselves in front of a close door and in the dark.
    May the The High Heart Flame, the Magenta Chakra always burn the same way the Eternal Flame is lit in the presence of the loving Logos.
    Love and Light I send to you and to all those who will read your post.



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