Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 6

Rainbow Medicine Circle – Golden Light Project #12
The Sky Blue Throat Chakra of Self Expression
I spoke yesterday of Renata being a reflector, but then each of us is a mirror to another but in this Centre of Self Expression, the question is: Do we take note of what we see of ourselves in others? I wonder! But this is about how we see ourselves:
As the Golden Light issued down through my eyes, ears, nose and mouth it was as if the pathways were all being cleared. But as I brought to mind those whom I may have hurt in any way the throat became slightly constricted. Then, when I began the process of Hooponopono, and admitted the blessing of myself as well, the feeling of release descended to a fluttering in the tummy area. As the blue and gold cascaded down to ME I saw the oceans become clearer and I blessed and asked forgiveness for the human race for its pollution of the oceans, lands and atmosphere asking that ME be allowed to express herself in her highest potential also.
May the Lord Bless us all
David in Spain


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Devonian writer
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One Response to Vision of the GOLDEN LIGHT Day 6

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David … Day 6 of the Golden Light Project # 12 The Sky Blue Throat Chakra of Self Expression.
    As usual, I read your post very attentively but came to a different conclusion to what the Chakra of Self Expression may signify. To me the throat is THE instrument to convey our thoughts to the outside world. It often takes courage to talk in front of strangers, whether they are a small group or a large gathering. It is necessary to view the Throat Chakra as the indispensable tool to share knowledge and experience with our fellowmen and women. The Third Eye Chakra gave us the possibility to assess the others and understand how to approach them but the Throat Chakra will have to do the work.
    Sign language has been “invented” to allow our hearing-impaired brothers and sisters to share in our conversations, but we sure wish that science would help them all to be able to hear us and talk to us without having to use anything other than their vocal cords. That is why the Throat Chakra, is so important and should be well looked after. Singers and presenters take lessons to bring over in the best way possible their art. Why should this be a privilege to some of us when we could all use the readily available Throat Chakra we all possess ?
    May the day come when we will all sing together the praise of Life and the presence of the Logos.

    Love and Light I send to you and to all those who will read this post.



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