Collecting almonds from the trees today
nothing pressured or rushed, as is our way.
Wondered how many rely on this crop
to be able to feed themselves and shop,
when we enjoy this bounty to ourselves
while others live a life with empty shelves.
For famine to occur there is no need
food is produced sufficient to feed.
We need no miracle of loaves and fish
there sure is enough for each empty dish.
If the current culture of wanton waste
would permit collection in daily haste
distended bellies of malnutrition
would only be in imagination.
But then, of course, not to imagine
but recall that it not recur again.
Sharing the new harvest that each can grow
Is the way forward for us all to go
Flowers and food are the only good mix
this pattern is plain for our food to fix
All can enjoy where e’er on the planet
Become the gardener again and plant it!
With muddy hands, Hanukah


About David

Devonian writer
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One Response to NEW HARVEST.

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Wow !! What a beautiful poem and how current it is.
    Yes, our almond trees have been very generous this year and their branches yield under their heavy fruit.
    It will be our duty now to harvest and shell and then … eat the delicious almonds.
    I will be with you all the way… no work too hard, no pain too great… when the “recompense” is so delectable.
    To all your readers I wish a fine end of the week and may the best gardener win.



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