Do you feel as if your hands are tied?
When you go into your next HPT take a good hard look at yourself.
Look at what you think holds you back. Is it really what you thought it was or have you been deluding yourself? Are you sure it’s not how you view yourself?
Let your imagination run riot for a few moments and take you to where you want to be. Then accept that you have the power and the incentive to be where you desire. When you allow this to happen you have already sent the message out to the Universe that will in time respond with the same vibration to bring your imagination into reality.

Just think about it as I said above let your imagination have its way because your imagination is not tied, it is free and in fact your imagination is all there is!
Imagine it and hold the image and without doubt it will happen. Remember the only thing that will hold you back is your doubt!

Or if you feel like a rest from self ‘ self examination then tune in to:
on Monday 17th September for some real ‘on-line’ help in the art of self-help.
From the beautiful guided meditations from Renata to the inspiring music of Steven Ash you will not be disappointed. Plus the added benefit of Steven’s exercises and affirmations that will enable you to appreciate and help yourself and our beautiful planet.

Thirteen days of working with all of your thirteen Chakras brings a fresh look at you and our world. Both will benefit from your participation along with thousands of others from around the world. You become part of an amazing family that responds to personal and planetary needs.

under ‘Illumination’ over the next thirteen days, from Monday 17th September 2012, for daily reports on the visions inspired by these Golden Light Project #12 meditations.
With Love from Hanukah


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi Hanukah… Thanks for reminding us that next Monday the Golden Light Project will be helping us to work with our Chakras. Knowing Renata and Steven this will again be a wonderful experience. I hope a lot of our friends will join us and enjoy being part of an amazing family that responds to personal and planetary needs.
    Much Love, much Light to all and let the Golden Light Project begin.


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