I was brought up in a Guest House and Pub in the West Country of England, with a Mum who was a fabulous cook, so seasoning became second nature to me.

As a student in the 60’s in Brighton, me and my flat mate tried to outdo each other in the line of cooking and in particular with the hot, hot, hot seasoning of the curries and chillies we used to make, encouraged by the waiter in our favourite Indian Restaurant, the good old Taj Mahal, who would always bring out some hot, spicy or sour delicacy for us to try in addition to whatever we ordered.

Without seasoning I think you’ll agree that any dish can be a bit bland and certainly the general nutritional establishment are coming round to accept the idea of the efficacy of the wonderful array of eastern spices that are so good for us. In particular I have to mention Haldi which you probably know as Turmeric which we have in just about everything. Try it in omelettes, they are sensational! And the yellow colour enhances the presentation too.

Green tea with honey and cinnamon is a great afternoon beverage especially if you are trying to reduce blood pressure, and chilli is great to raise the metabolic rate in any food if you are trying shed a few pounds. Oh! I forgot to mention that I did get some basic catering qualifications and served my time in Bistro and Posh Pub, and I did serve my first soufflé in Mum’s guest house at age fifteen, so you could say that the subject is dear to my heart. And I can easily stray from the point when food comes into the conversation.

So if we look at life in general what is it that brings the real flavour to your life?
There are so many things that we let get under our skin and not in the best way of the song ‘I’ve got you under my skin … ‘ so many little frustrations that often we let develop into something close to hatred! How sad is that? Are we really that petty to let little things get the better of us?

We are often told to get out of this self debilitating habit for in truth it does us more harm than good. So what is the remedy ? What is the flavouring that’s going to change how we behave in those petty little situations that we let get on top of us?

You know we are in danger of leading a very bland life if we follow this dangerous path, but there is one sure fire flavouring that will put the spice back in our lives, its available for free and its called Peace. In any situation I just repeat Peace, Peace, Peace to myself and it is amazing how it changes my outlook on any event. Try it! It really works.
Spice up your life with Peace, Love Hanukah


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