I believe that we are the Light of the World.

We are beings of Light but sadly we dim our light by seeing the darker side of life, the impossibilities that confront us and the challenges that confound us.

Know this: You are never given anything you cannot cope with. You may never complete or finish anything but it is the trying that makes your light shine brighter. By all means set yourself a goal or two but don’t expect to reach it as you envision it. You may come close, but there is always, always another facet, not foreseen, that will challenge you on the way that may divert you from the gold you seek and you end up with silver, but that’s more than OK, it’s brilliant and your light will be brilliant also.

Stop seeing your challenges as mountains. Turn your telescope, that you use to view distant aims and realities, the other way round and see them as mole hills for that in truth is all they really are.

There will be tight moments that challenge you where you feel you are in a dark place, but it is in just such a scenario that you have the capacity to fill yourself with light and shine it like a beacon before you to light your way in the tightest spot.

Use the ‘What if?’ way! Think to yourself, ‘What if this was a God moment filled with Peace?’ As the energy of Peace fills you, the difficulty of the challenge disappears, you are filled with light, you become lighter, the tightness of the situation loosens and you will float above the supposed difficulty amazing all who witness your transformation!
You are the Light of the World. Live it!
Love Hanukah


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