Many ask, ‘If we are the creators how do we achieve what we want to create?’
It is often said that all we need is within us, which mystifies most!

Let’s take a look at the mechanics of manifestation:
There is no doubt in my mind that we are what we believe. But in order to find out what our true beliefs are we have to look deeply at how we react to each and every situation, every action by others and every word spoken for or against us.

This is a time consuming and deep, self revealing process. To me this is what revelation is all about! It’s all about finding out who you really are. Your reactions will tell you what your real feelings are about each and every experience that comes to you.

This involves looking at the past at how you have already reacted, but without loosing sight of the immediacy of the present. It is said that if you want and pray for peace in your life you have to start with bringing peace into yourself. How does that work you may ask. Well it’s all about the way you react to every situation. Do you react peacefully? If not you still need to work on this aspect of you! Apply this to every meeting, situation and experience that you have. It’s not easy but it’s worth it in the long run.

Then look at what you want, carefully from every angle. Assess the feelings you have about the completed need. How does it feel now that it’s done? You know we often see something we would like, the grass is greener syndrome, but when we have it it’s almost taken for granted and does not give us the expected feelings of joy and happiness. So it makes us ask why did we go for it when it didn’t give us what we expected?

This is why the process of imagining what the done deed really feels like is so important, because nine times out of ten it does not fulfil our wants or desires, and we can see this in the inner computer model that we can construct with our imagination, way before we embark on needless, thankless creation.
It makes us look again at what our real needs are.

Nevertheless, we can go for it, imagine it and see it done the way we want it. There is only one thing holding us back. Doubt! We have positive thoughts that we can do something, but then we also have negative thoughts that doubt we are capable, don’t have the necessary skill or where-with-all to make it happen. So, and we have spoken about vibration before, it is this undeniable, invisible and immediate message that we send out to the Universe that can be totally confusing! Which is why many of our plans just don’t come to fruition.

You have it within you, as the sages have said, but you need to get organised. You need to bring all your thoughts into positive alignment. This is the most powerful tool you have within you. When everything is on the same vibration there is nothing you cannot create. As we have said before you are already a co-creator with the Divine. You just need to get organised!

When it all comes together the feel good factor is just great and it almost brings tears to the eyes, tears of joy, and its this emotional reaction that tells you you’ve hit all the right buttons and got the formula right. Go for this feeling every time!
Feeling great, Hanukah


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  1. William Lambert says:

    Thanks, David! I think you know that because of my cancer I handed over FMH meetings to Valerie and Maggie but by Easter attendance had dropped to 2 and sometimes none. Times and needs have changed. So after 32 years on Monday meetings in Horsham, I have closed it down. Until next January, I am simplifying my life and clearing clutter to make space for my next phase to come in. In the past 2 months or so, 3 people have said I should write more. We shall see! 25% of the BMS-IHF membership have not yet renewed their subscriptions. 5 of the older healers have become Friend members only. So it seems that I am being relieved of the weekly slog after so many years, and given space – I am keeping an open mind to allow whatever it is to come in! Love, William


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