How often do we say something that, for various reasons , we don’t actually feel? Maybe to please or appease someone and not to hurt their feelings. At a future moment of reflection we may regret not being more honest about our true feelings in a matter. So often I have found myself in that predicament and, having dared to open an old wound, I realise that to pacify my own conscience was not the best course of action as the moment had passed and frequently my comment forgotten.

Having said that, it is important nevertheless to think, act and speak in the moment in honesty, gently and with love. We are, no doubt, the creators of our own life experience but it is not by virtue of our words or actions that we fabricate our present and future but by the nature of our thoughts! It is the vibration of our thought patterns that shape our world.

When you think about this, it is entirely logical since thought precedes all other ideas, words and actions. We have spoken before about the possibility of children to experience and communicate before they can speak. Why is it that children cling to a parent especially in a strange situation or company?

It’s because of you. No, not just your physical presence but because you carry with you the product of your physical body, your spirit and the interaction of your endocrine system with the Chakras that create a vibrational field around you. This is the attraction. The comfort and protective feeling of your vibration that you give out to the world at large, and in particular to vulnerable little ones.

How does a child sense this otherwise invisible energy field, you may ask?
The vibrational sensing is formed before the ability to speak or walk or understand our vocabulary. It is automatic since the child’s field also develops first, otherwise known as the Aura, it senses and is influenced by your Aura.

It is through this interplay that a child learns to mimic the vibration of the adult thus picking up and beginning to learn, on many levels, way before it can tell us how it is feeling. In this way the child begins to create its own reality, hugely influenced by yours.

Now you know another reason to be so careful of your thoughts for they immediately affect the thoughts and feelings of others on the invisible vibratory airwaves. When this way of communication is understood practised and enhanced we come to the level of telepathic thought transference, which is open to you to create, if you so wish!

We are constantly being told to practice our spiritual rituals, to meditate, to pray to follow the narrow path in order to become a co-creator with God. Well here’s the thing: we’re already there, already doing it every second of every day.

So, living in the moment is the only way forward understanding that we are putting out our view in many different forms, but most important of all, the ones that are totally invisible to the rest of the world but at the same time influencing everyone else, whether we want it, like it or not, but we are creating the world we see before us.
We are the creators, Hanukah


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