Have you thought what the Ascension really means to you?
Are you alone in your thoughts and aspirations or are you blessed with like minded folks with whom you are able to share your innermost feelings about the Ascension process, and what it means not only to you but to the whole human race?

I sincerely hope it is the latter, for in the process of that sharing you will surely come to the realisation of the responsibility that goes along with any aspiration and consequent advancement that you may achieve.

Noblesse Oblige is as true today as when the phrase was coined to imply that rank, of the upper classes, imposes obligations along with privilege. In fact I would go so far as to say that even more so today when we are working towards a more even society, where the rights of all are of paramount importance, and those of us who are the way showers needs must hold a hand out in front to point the way and a hand behind to help others to follow.

My heart goes out to those who have no goal to point to and feel no responsibility to help others on their way. I pray that all may have the goal that I enjoy which is to express something far beyond my present comprehension but which I understand as the ultimate expression of consciousness.

In so doing I look forward to the expression of unconditional love, so hard for us to realise in form, but which I have do doubt will become the level of consciousness that is complete happiness enjoyed by all. Some have indeed managed this transformation in this life and many of us work towards that as our terrestrial transition.

We all assume responsibilities, to loved ones, family and friends and to the community to greater or lesser degrees according to our own sense of duty or community spirit. Some of us offer physical, on the ground help, to communities worse off than our own and we support charities whenever we can. I see a void in the lives of those who feel lost, possibly with no job and with no feeling of responsibility and my heart goes out to them, hoping they will find the community they need.

Others have a narrowly defined focus of responsibility often behind the scenes but nevertheless essential to mankind but more importantly to the growth of the individual Soul.
So where does your responsibility lie?
With Love, Hanukah


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  1. AMA says:

    Very good question…


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