Patience is a virtue, posses it while you can …
It is assumed that all virtues are man-made and accrued through lives of hard work, discipline, dedication etc., etc., but we can view virtues as the gifts we are provided with in order to express ourselves in the way best suited to bring the required experience for the growth of our Soul in any life. (See parable of the talents.)

As the parable tells us, a talent, gift or virtue is worth nothing if it is hidden or squandered away it is only of value when used to its fullest potential. The silent witness can only take the best advantage of its potential by seeing it realised in full. Otherwise the outlook is on a wasted life!

The trouble is that many of us, for reasons amassed like leaden weights around our necks throughout our lives, fail to allow the full expression of the God given talents, that were presented to us from day one of this incarnation.

Fear is the main weapon used by the self that denies our talents and sees us as totally virtue-less, incapable and unworthy. Much is spoken about the potential of the human being. You can be what you want, the world is your oyster, you can do it!

My question is: would you be happy doing it or are you deluding yourself by thinking, that if you became president you could change the world to a better place, or would that job just bring you wrinkles, grey hair and frustration?
And what happened to happiness?

You were given virtues, gifts, talents, call them what you will, above all to make you happy and since happiness is a state of consciousness, all else would follow, including good health, empathy and compassion allowing unconditional love to flower and flourish within you.

This is the state when the true value of virtue is realised when you have used and lived a life of virtue to its fullest potential. Can you imagine the joy the hidden, silent witness would feel should that be realised in your life? Trails of glory would surely follow every one of your footsteps.
In Love and Trust Hanukah


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One Response to VIRTUE VALUES

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Hi David/Hanukah,

    I misunderstood your post at first when reading ” Patience is a virtue, posses it while you can …”. I was ready to demonstrate that yes, patience can be a virtue IF used correctly. Patience should never be confused with procrastination. To give you an example (I know, I have become famous for using illustrations, but here we go !!). Patience should be used when expecting seasons to change.. You cannot reasonably wish to be in summer in the middle of winter.. patience is then a virtue, if you can patiently wait for Nature to take its normal course. But if patience becomes procrastination and one delays a task or a decision hoping that Heaven will decide for us, then patience no longer gives joy and pride but only guilt and shame.
    Patience, as you said it, is helping our talents to grow slowly… remember : “Learn to walk before you should run !” Flowers have to be tendered to before they can come into bloom. Let us not confused being relaxed with being lazy.
    Let us be patient, but always be on the look out for what should be or can be done to better our Lives. Then and only then will we be content.

    Thank you for your posts.
    Love and Light.



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