As a young healer we were given many exercises and tests sometimes in the same room as others but often, as we progressed, over distances great and small to see if we could detect and feel the effect of our and others healing energies.

One of the first exercises was just to sense energy.
When you look down at your own hands, open them with palms uppermost and what do you see? To begin with, ‘nothing’ is what most people would say. But then, turn the hands towards each other with a small gap between, now what do you feel? Most would again say ‘nothing’.

Give it time and gently moving the hands to and from each other and you begin to sense what can best be described as a soft bubble of energy between the palms. This is your own pure energy. In time of course, and possibly experiencing different forms of healing as I did and you begin not only to feel, but also to see the energy, or lack of it, manifesting in fully clothed bodies.

Now many will say they find it difficult to find peace in this frantic lifestyle that we have attracted and allowed ourselves to become part of. But apart from your times of HPT (Highly Precious Time) getting back to that basic energy test is a way of experiencing nothing but peace.

Even before you start your HPT sit with your hands loosely clasped in your lap as you normally would, then open your hands with palms up and see ‘nothing’, which you now know is your own energy of peace. Allow that peace to flow from your open hands up through your arms to the rest of your body until you are filled with peace then breathe in your peace until every internal organ of your body is filled with peace.

When giving healing my constant prayer is for the one receiving to find inner peace.
As you read this, I ask for you to receive inner peace, Hanukah


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2 Responses to HEALING PEACE

  1. Thank you for those wishes of Inner Peace.. Yes energy is tangible and can be felt as well as seen… Great Post.. ~Sue


  2. eugene1941 says:

    All my best wishes to all the readers of your post, dear David, for, yes, it is worth its while to check on our abilities of healers … Of course, it takes patience and a great Faith in human possibilities to attain the state of grace where one becomes conscious of one’s own Healing “Powers” . It would also be advisable to start applying this new found competence in the midst of the own household’s environment. Nothing worse than to be distracted by the wrong vibes emanating from uncomfortable surroundings.
    Thank you David/Hanukah for approaching so many different subjects in your posts. It is always a real pleasure to read them and be stimulated to think.

    Love and Light.


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