If it’s not broken don’t mend it!
It seems that many of the mentors these days assume we are broken and therefore try to mend us. Naturally they are not daft and their clever questions and our unprepared answers may lead them to that conclusion especially in some hyped up workshop.

So let’s just look for a moment at the most basic tenet, or in today’s parlance basic program that we inherit at birth. You know, the one that allows us to derive pleasure and joy from as they say’ whatever turns us on’. Which unfortunately is drummed out of us from a very early age unless of course we are blessed with those two rare beings in the Universe – Perfect Parents!

But it doesn’t stop there since when we get to most schools we are assumed to be broken and therefore need mending just like all the rest.

Thankfully there comes a time when we have the great opportunity and relative freedom to do exactly what pleases us. It can happen at any moment … for me as the perennial late developer it happened late. But for you … ?

However the tendency to try to mend each other to be just like themselves seems to be endemic, whether from a religious or a personal perspective, this may lead us to believe that it is the mentors who themselves need mending for in truth there is nothing wrong with you!

So why in all conscience would I try to mend you especially if you are happy.
Your task in life is to choose from all of the options available to make you happy, healthy and joyful. Whatever you do, it is so important for you to be happy. When this happens something miraculous occurs.

Remembering that happiness is a state of consciousness, and since in happiness you have become in sync with your basic program, you are linked in with the corresponding energy that has been waiting in that same aspect of Universal Consciousness to link in with you. When that happens and you maintain that energetic level of thought all good things that make you happy will flow to you.

This does not mean that you have to stick with the same thought the same activity that gives you that joy forever. When something else takes your fancy move on to it and leave the rest behind with no regrets. Move, expand, live and dance your happy dance. Don’t think about anyone else, be happy in yourself. Most of all don’t let your happiness depend on the happiness of someone else!
Be Happy with Hanukah.


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One Response to PLEASURE & JOY

  1. eugene1941 says:

    Thank you, David/Hanukah, I can see where you are coming from !! Thank you for making so explicit something that most of us feel but can not put into words.
    If we are not broken, why, indeed, try to repair us ?
    It seems to be an universal understanding that we, humans, are born with some defective brain cell which Mentors of all walks of life have to correct.
    I remember that whatever own idea I “dared” to bring forth was immediately questioned and put into the context of some obligatory previous readings.
    No, I could not think or rather I was not permitted to think for myself … I could not be the “inventor”, I had to be a “follower”; whether that suited my own feelings or not.
    The latter was in no way important nor a real concern.
    The instructors were going to impress their own received “truth” into my soul and mind. They had to do it fast before it would be too late. Too late for what, may I ask ? To be happy with myself ?

    Well, good news; I never let anyone think in my lieu and place, no sir !!! I have always known where I fitted in Life’s great scheme . I knew what my duty was in this wide world.
    For this knowledge I am immensely grateful and wish I could share this great feeling with all those I get the chance to meet.

    Thank you, David/Hanukah, for waking us up at the sound of your excellent posts.

    Let us be happy.



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