When I look along the furrowed rows
of neighbours fields with squinted eyes
I see not green and silver trees alight,
but snow white horses dancing in the light.
Not in the heat of a hot Spanish day,
but in my favourite cool English bay.
Atop the cliff, blown by the channel stream
furrows in the waves appear crisp and cream,
my beloved horses plunging in the surf
the gulls and guillemots scream in their mirth.
Horses show me reliability.
and Unicorns? Spirituality.
And there they weave in and out the cavern
wrought by the master carver, the ocean.
This land of green and gold and dancing light
calls on many levels both dark and bright,
and my return will come there is no fear
the path is laid and the way is now clear.
Hear me as I call you ancient masters,
mariners and masons, all you casters
of runes, tarots and mystic spell makers.
Once called a foreign place forever England
and so it is, here in my beating heartland.
My return will cause the earth to shake
as the return to it’s right place I make.
In Love and Faith Hanukah


About David

Devonian writer
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2 Responses to NOSTALGIA

  1. David I have no doubts at all you will return. That was a wonderful poem. As I saw your horses from trees as into the white surf they did gallop.
    I have travelled many places around our world. But none beats coming home to that green and pleasent land.
    Wishing you a peaceful week. Sue


    • davidtenn says:

      Born and bred a turnip head
      I will return to my green bed
      in the land of moors and stories too
      you will be welcomed by us two
      Our butt and ben will be quite wee
      Just enough room for him and me
      Hope to see you
      dear friend Sue!

      Have a great week
      Love David.


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