So we were told for many years that 2012 was the end of the world, the pinnacle of Ascension. I think most of us now agree that that is not true.
It is a fact that over the past many thousands of years ancient masters of many cultures have done their best to inspire the minds of their peoples to the need to look within and awaken to the prospect of the ascent of human consciousness.
Which is what the real Ascension is!

It has been the task of evolved Souls, such as Krishna, Buddha, Jeshua and Mohammed over the millennia to guide humanity forward to that prospect and there is still such a long way to go. They were like huge flowers like bright sunflowers all bringing messages from God of hope and direction to humanity on the Path of Ascension.

But unfortunately their followers have destroyed the basics of their teachings. One flower in each case did not seed more flowers, as was hoped, but became surrounded and overtaken by weeds.

As any gardener will know it would be the right thing to pull or kill the weeds. But in this case how do you do that without touching the flower? There is truth in every essential message from each of those ascended flowers, but how to find it and preserve it is the quintessential quest of mankind.

In fact there have been so many different factions and cults generated from their followers, that it’s difficult to know where you are with all of the religions, and when wars have been fought in their name and the name of God you can see where humanity has gone wrong on this most basic step of our pathway to Ascension.

There was a time when Humanity thought that it was equal to God, and in order to prevent chaos, the factions were given different languages so as not to communicate with each other and become a force for evil.

Many countries have decided to teach their children English as the second language, due to the use in business and the Internet, despite the fears of some who fear the loss of their own language and culture. Of course this is a fear based on lack that need not be and a more evolved and intelligent race will benefit from at least two languages.

What happened in the Olympics was an opening and an understanding of different cultures, and a hearing of voices that were not known. So that was hugely important. Never before had there been so many nations next to each other for only three weeks. The joy, upliftment and enthusiasm shared by so many is the continuation of the ascent of the human race where language will once again bring the race into one force for good.

As I say, the real ascent is the ascent in consciousness of mankind shared by a common language. But you see it is a bit late. This has been prepared for centuries, for thousands of years that ancient civilisations prepared themselves or prepared their progeny for this. And it is only now in 2012 that you start realising that it is time. It is just like the final 100 metres of running, if you remember, you have been running for tens of kilometres, but these last 100 metres are very important because you are out of breath and out of strength.

The Earth is depleted and there is no return. You can just go on living, but you see what is happening to our planet … rains, floods and increasing eruptions of volcanoes, the Earth is in turmoil. You cannot recover but you need to change your life and continue living a different ascended life on Earth according to the way you have made it.

The message is not to give up, to put all your effort into that last 100 metres, do not lose faith, look forward and believe that you will succeed and ascend in consciousness with the best of the human race.
In Love, Faith and Trust Hanukah


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  1. eugene1941 says:

    I am SO in agreement with Sue, the Dream walker.
    Thank you for this post, David, for YES we are not at the end of the race but within the final meters and it will matter how we terminate the race .
    No gold, nor silver, nor bronze will be the recompense… but the satisfaction that we have made it to the final line.
    This is the beginning of TIMES, not the end, and it will be up to our generation to prepare the following generations, by our example, to want to reach the GOAL.
    “Tomorrow is an other day”, said Scarlet O’Hara in “Gone with the Wind”, but can we wait one more day before starting to ascend the Sacred Mountain ? To be (underway) or not to be, that is the most important question TODAY !!!

    Love and Light to you and to all those who will read this reply.


  2. It seems like I have been in training for this race of Mankinds awakening for so long now David, the final hurdles are in sight, and all we have to do is fly over them.. But we must keep our balance and pace ourselves.. It matters not if we are not first to cross the line, what matters is how we finish the race..
    With Love and Peace in tact..
    Blessings to you and I so enjoyed this post ..


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