We are advised in many cultures to try to attain a state of bliss, Baba beckons and the Buddhist philosophy springs to mind, being in such a mental state that joy or pain does not sway our equanimity, and we maintain the same state of mental bliss come what may.

There are of course many pathways to achieve this preferred state of equilibrium, and a few have already been discussed here and elsewhere. But to air them again will do no harm, as reminders are relevant to remembrance and repetition in Rote is the invaluable aid to fixing the memory where we can recall everything cemented into the little grey cells, in this ancient and rashly scorned aid to education. (I am a fan!)

In order to foster this atmosphere, this consistent climate to consciousness we need to exercise the mind. Just like the body that enjoys better health through exercise, the mind too needs to be flexed. It involves constant watchfulness on our part that we do not slip into our old ways of judgement, complaint, frustration, anger and hate.

It involves perhaps a new aspect of consciousness that may at first seem alien to us, having been brought up to judge everything and only to accept that which we consider to be up to our standards. Now here’s the thing: This is all right for me or for you but the moment we begin to judge others by our standards the rot begins to set in and cause problems for us as individuals.

If we enjoy a state of mind that has attuned itself to accept things as they are, accepting of course that we will always work to provide the best for others, to allow ourselves to experience and to grow in our own way regardless of others our body will begin to show, through its health, the same state of bliss that we have begun in our mind and consciousness. With no condemnation we are in prime health and in prime position to be of service to others.

You need to treat your body as your most precious instrument, without attachment, that enables you to connect to and serve others. You need to feed it well with good light organic and nutritious things, keep it clean and exercised. When you are advised to love yourself think beyond the physical, think of the real you, the divine image that is your true loving self, that yearns to reach out through your body, to serve and love others. When this occurs you will ascend in Bliss through Body Mind and Spirit.
PS. Happiness (in case you were wondering) does not depend on outside things,
just on you!
Love, Hanukah.


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3 Responses to BLISS

  1. Very True David.. what we feed the mind affects the body just as what we feed the body can affect the mind..
    As always an insightful post.. I just wish more could come to the same understandings.. 🙂 but this is why we are here… Peace my friend


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