We are here to experience life and to live it. We attract to ourselves all that we need to experience whether as a Soul Set-up or as a magnetic thought pattern which we attract to ourselves.

We often wish and pray for situations, problems and difficulties of whatever nature to be taken from us. But where would we gain that essential experience if it was all made easy for us?

It is a fact that unconditional love may often be mistaken for indifference. Love that is without conditions allows us to experience, allows us to succeed, allows us to make mistakes and to fail and the more we fail the more we should learn. Failure is not the life threatening, end of all event that we so often suppose it to be. It is probably the most important learning tool that we possess. For failure means that we tried and probably tried and tried again which is the inherent quality in the best of us. In short we should never give up!

God or to whomsoever you pray will never take away the chances that will allow you to learn and to expand and ascend through your life here on Earth. For make no mistake this life is one of the most important incarnations that a Soul can experience.

Why would God take away that essential opportunity, given to you with the greatest gift of unconditional love, to exercise the talents you were given to use. I’ve said it before: If you are having problems, thank God for them, it’s what you’re here for. Rejoice!

Ask for help by any or all means but recognise that you will only be helped through opportunities which God knows you cannot manage yourself. ‘God only knows’, is a common expletory phrase when we can’t find an answer, not strictly true, but close since God knows all.

Of course there are those occasions when we need to recognise the pain of banging our heads against a brick wall. This is where the gift, often refuted, missed or ridiculed by others of intuition plays it’s enlightening role. Now this is where you will be guided onto the right path so long of course that you ask the right question!

As Mother Teresa said: ‘Father I know you would not give me anything I am not able to do, I just wish you wouldn’t trust me so much’.

Use all of your God given gifts, trust yourself that you are worthy, you are capable, and you will reach the final curtain in your own time since you are the only performer in this play.

As I wrote in the Players Play:
‘Now if you really want to be seen, heard and remembered play to the gods!’
See ASCENSION 01.09.11
In Love and Faith, Hanukah


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  1. William Lambert says:

    Good one David! I have been so overbusy doing the healing training that these basics have become overshadowed. The Monday evenings are now closed down, after 32 years in Horsham, until next year. The ‘upstairs management’ have taken over and the trainees themselves have asked for a break. So now I can find myself again and tidy up my personal paperwork. Also it is now time to dump much of the German language stuff. Let us pray that the goodwill from the Olympics will grow and grow worldwide, and bring in the big change in consciousness. What is happening about your move back to UK? Love to you and Eugene, William —


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